Do you love Star Wars? Okay, is that even a serious question? Of course you do. Your house is filled with all of the movies, hundreds of Star Wars memorabilia and quite a few character costumes.

Engineers at Think Geek recently released another piece of Star Wars equipment you need in your house right now! This waffle maker is designed to give you waffles that look just like the Death Star itself. 

The waffle iron produces 7 inch waffles and it only will cost you 40 dollars! 

It'll give you the perfect, crispy, brown waffle every time. 

Just look at how delicious that waffle looks. We're drooling over here! There's nothing better than a waffle AND Star Wars. 

Top it with berries and syrup, or our personal favorite, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Yum!

You NEED this Star Wars waffle maker in your life.