Oh Girl Scout Cookies. Our favorite dessert. From the refreshing Thin Mints to the coconut lined Samoas (wait, is that what they're even called anymore? We can't keep up with all these changes), our mouths water once Girl Scout Cookie season rolls around. We remember going door-to-door selling delicious cookies. Even to this day we have to buy a box when we walk past the Girl Scouts at the grocery store. 


When we used to sell them Girl Scout Cookies were only two or three bucks a box, which is comparable to any of the big cookie brands you can get at the grocery store, such as Oreos. Depending on where you live, you can expect to see your beloved Girl Scout Cookie prices skyrocket in 2016. For 2016, the Girl Scout Council is raising the price of their cookies to five dollars a box! Ugh, Girl Scouts! Why are you doing this to us?!


Although it averages out to about 6 cents a cookie, which isn't bad in the scheme of things, it's still hard to justify spending five dollars on a box of cookies. But I guess if they're only around a few months out of the year, might as well go for it right?


So far, only three of the 112 Girl Scout Councils have upped the prices. These councils include one in Eastern Massachusetts and two in California. More councils in California and one in Hawaii have already made the switch. The main reason for the switch was from adult feedback claiming Girl Scout troops weren't making enough from the cookies sales. With the increase of price, troops will now be making an average of 90 cents per box of cookies as opposed to only 62 cents per box. 


Many concerned Girl Scout Cookie fans have expressed their complaints via social media. What do you think about the increase in price? Will you still buy your beloved Girl Scout Cookies?!