At the end of the night, all the left over food is thrown away! Employees don't get to take it home or give it away.

They tend to invent secret menu items when there are no customers.

Just know what a meal means, plain and simple. A meal includes a drink and fries.

Those Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are a real pain to make.

Adding and subtracting condiments doesn't cost extra. Hello turning a McDouble into a Big Mac!

They've been known to sneak a chicken nugget or two while on shift.

They have to deal with a lot of complaining. People can never get their McDonald's fast enough apparently.

Drive-thru orders are the top priority. It's our reward for being lazy, we guess!

Like every bored employee, when the restaurant is slow, McDonald's employees get a little creative.

Don't wait in line and still not know what to order when you get to the front. Just order!

They love to be put on the dining area shift so they can hide out in bathrooms.

The employees know when we "sneak" soda in our water cup and they couldn't care less.

There's always that one person that orders a Big Mac plain, with ketchup. Come on now!

Those delicious burgers take less than 30 seconds to make, from frozen to fully cooked.

Burgers are cooked from both sides at once, so there's no need to flip them.

They're aware of the McGangBang, but don't bother ordering one. They won't make it.

It's hard to not sneak a fry or two, or a hundred, during their shifts. They're so addicting!

The late night shifts are the worst. Bring on the drunks and the weirdos.

Big Mac sauce apparently holds all the flavor that a Big Mac has, except the beef of course.

There's a food allowance they can use during break. Hello McDonald's every day!

They tend to ignore customers who yell "Hello" over and over into the drive-thru speaker if they don't take their order right away. We would too.

Every employee secretly doesn't want you to come to their register. Neither would we if we're being honest.

Despite what you may think, it's actually really clean behind the counter. No sarcasm intended.

Asking for no salt on your fries is probably the worst thing you can do. Talk about inconvenient. They have to make a whole new batch of fries.

They're known to check empty cups for a free Monopoly piece.

They don't have time, nor care, to mess with your food. Don't worry.

You can probably get that extra sauce for free if you ask nicely.

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