Being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to only eat mashed potatoes and Tofurkey. This vegetarian dish is so good it will quickly take place of the beloved turkey at your Thanksgiving feast. We're almost positive meat eaters will even love this dish (we can't say for sure since there are some picky eaters out there, unfortunately.)

It takes after the infamous Turducken, which is a chicken stuffed into a duck that's then stuffed into a turkey. Wow that's a lot of meat! Of course, being a vegetarian, you have to get a little creative to replace all that meat. That's exactly what Katherine Sacks from did!

Instead of stuffing various birds inside of each other, she used different vegetables to recreate the same concept. She used butternut squash, egg plant, zucchini and scallions. She even creatively turned the insides of each scraped out vegetable into a delicious stuffing.

Watch this video to see just how to make your very own Vegducken this Thanksgiving!