Who doesn't love grilled cheese?! With the gooey cheese and the cripsy, golden bread that adds the perfect amount of crunch, there isn't anything better. Well, unless you don't like cheese or bread for some strange reason, in which case, we are judging you (just kidding!) There's just something about a grilled cheese sandwich that takes us right back to our childhood glory days. And when paired with a steaming bowl of tomato soup, it's an automatic game changer. It doesn't matter what cheese you use, fancy gouda or a simple slice of American, a grilled cheese sandwich is always delicious. These grilled cheese rollups are the perfect snack and taste just as good, if not better (yes, we said it) than a normal grilled cheese. 



For this simple grilled cheese concoction you'll need four slices of white bread, four slices of American cheese, one tablespoon of butter and tomato soup for dipping.


1. First, cut the crust off the four slices of white bread and flatten with a rolling pin. This makes it easier to roll the bread and seal close.


2. Next, place a piece of American cheese on top of each slice of bread. Roll up each piece of bread tightly with the seam facing down. Press gently to secure the bread together. Paint the bread on all sides with butter.


3. Once all the pieces of bread are rolled up, heat a non-stick skillet until hot. Carefully add the rollups to the pan with the seam facing down. Cook the rollups on all four sides for about one minute or until golden brown. If the rollups start to lose their shape, you can use tongs to press them back together.



And of course, serve with tomato soup as a dipping sauce. You'll love these delicious and easy grilled cheese rollups! 

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