The world we live in is a fascinating place filled with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate fudge and chocolate-covered (pretty much) everything. We could probably go on and on about our favorite chocolate products, but we'll spare your mouth from watering anymore than it probably already has. Chocolate has surpassed our wildest dreams because it is now being used in clothing. Yes, you read that right. Dresses, hats and clothes galore are being made from chocolate! UK celebrated its National Chocolate Week by having a chocolate fashion show at Olympia West in London


A week dedicated to chocolate?! And a fashion show celebrating it?! Why weren't we there?! Seriously, it sounds like a dream come true. Some of the outfits were actually made out of chocolate and others were just inspired by the decadent treat. The show was inspired by fantasy and dreams (obviously.) Let's be honest, who doesn't dream of clothes made of chocolate? The theme of the fashion show was "Once Upon a Time in the Land of Chocolate." From princesses to mermaids, all the fanstasy looks were covered. The fashion show even had a kids area that was hosted by the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Oh how we envy all those models who were able to wear these delicious creations.  


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The show was put on by Salon du Chocolat and it allowed designers to work with popular chocolate companies to create these stunning chocolate fashion designs. After the show, the designs were put on display so people could get an even closer look, and even a bite or two. Okay, we're just kidding about that one, but a girl can dream right?! We're already planning our own chocolate fashion show. 


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