Cheeseburgers are a definite staple in the American diet. From the juicy, grilled-to-perfection patty, to the melt-in-your-mouth cheese and toppings piled high (is your mouth watering yet?), burgers are a favorite of many. There are many places nationwide that claim to have the best burger around. Whether it's their secret patty formula, a special sauce or a combination of many things, their claim at being the best burger has to have some merit. But, there's a new burger on the block and word on the street is, it'll blow all other burgers out of the park. 


GQ recently named the Best Burger of the Year. Most people would think such a highly prestigious title would go to the fattiest patty piled high with bacon, cheese and all the best toppings. But, they'd be wrong. The Best Burger of the Year title has gone to none other than a vegetarian burger. No, the world isn't ending. It's true, the veggie burger has beaten out all other burgers.


While some may think this claim is a bit absurd, the award has gotten approval from vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. This excellent vegetarian burger is from Superiority Burger in the East Village in New York City. Brooks Headley is the mastermind behind the restaurant and the infamous burger. While he only shared that the patties include nuts and grains, the rest of the secret ingredients must make it really good if it's the best burger in the world! Headley wanted to create a vegetarian burger that didn't taste like awful cardboard. We'd say he's definitely done it! Although the vegetarian burger is slider size, it has to be the best burger for a reason, right?! 


Have you ever visited Superiority Burger and tried the Best Burger of the Year?

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