It's not every day you go to your local bakery and get a cake that looks like it could be on one of those "birthday cake fails" lists. While you may be thinking this cake isn't the best cake you've seen, the message behind it is one to always remember. 


Lisa Sarber Aldrich of Grand Rapids, Michigan was just like any other bakery customer. She went to Meijer, a Midwestern grocery chain, to pick out a cake for an upcoming birthday party. Aldrich waited patiently as the employee behind the counter went to the back to personalize her cake. When the baker finally came out after quite a while, Aldrich kindly thanked the woman and went on her way without even glancing at the cake. 


It wasn't until she reached the check out aisle that she noticed the "ugly" cake design. Aldrich didn't fret too much about it though, figuring it would be funny none the less. When the cashier saw the cake however, he called other cashiers and the manager over. After taking pictures themselves, one cashier revealed to her what was so special about this cake. 


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The manager explained that the lady who wrote the message on the cake has autism and even though she's not supposed to write on the cake, a simple thanks from Aldrich quite possibly made her day. The main lesson Aldrich took away from this situation is "kindness is important." She shared her experience on Facebook and much to her surprise,  it has been shared over 150,000 times. In a follow up post, Aldrich really wanted to make sure people understood she didn't do anything special, she was just kind. That is all. 


Read Aldrich's full Facebook posts below.


Isn't this such a sweet story? Do you think you would have been as positive as Aldrich if your received an "ugly" cake?