Pizza is definitely a fan favorite. From the gooey cheese to the variety of toppings, pizza has long had our hearts, and tastebuds, wrapped around its little finger. And to be honest, we don't mind one bit because we don't plan on liking anything else as much as pizza anytime soon. But, the time has come. Pizza is getting a serious upgrade. But unlike some upgrades, this one just may be better than the original. 


Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York has come up with a new kind of pizza. Their pizza has mini pizza slices on top of a bigger pizza slice for not just double, but sometimes quadruple the amount of pizza! While it may not be on the menu quite yet, just go into Vinnie's and tell them you want the mini pizzas on top of a pizza slice and they'll know just what to give you! It'll cost you five dollars per slice, but let's be real here, our budget for pizza is endless.

Omg, just look at all that pizza glory. This is too good to be true.

You can even get mini slices of pizza on top of your mini slices of pizza that are on your big slice of pizza! That's 13 slices of pizza in 1!