Fortune cookies were probably ones of the only reasons we were okay with our parents ordering Chinese food when we were growing up. Even to this day when we order Chinese food, the fortune cookies are the best part. While the fortunes are quite predictable and cheeky most of the time, it is still fun to break open the cookie and compare your fortunes with others. 


Your favorite fortune cookie may be a thing of the past though with this new kitty creation. Felissimo has created a line of various kitty goods, including its senbei rice crackers. These rice crackers, which emulate a fortune cookie in looks, each contain a hand-crafted cat figurine! While it would be pretty awesome if an actual cat came from these fortune cookies, these mini versions are just as adorable. 

Just look at how cute they are! Who wouldn't want to get these inside their fortune cookies instead of a cliche fortune?!


Each set is about twenty US dollars and contains one pack of karinto sweets and two packs of the rice crackers. Both of these cookies contain cat figurines! You'll be a cat collector in no time! Every month the design of the hand-crafted cat figurine changes, so you always have something to look forward to each month. Seriously, we'd love to see these cute kitties replace normal fortune cookies.