Banana Sushi
1. Banana Sushi

This Banana Sushi is a mix of sweet, savory and tropical that you're sure to love. Slices of banana are layered with peanut butter and rolled in coconut flakes for a delicious dessert roll up.

Matcha And White Chocolate Sushi
2. Matcha And White Chocolate Sushi

This Matcha green tea sushi is cool and refreshing. It is filled with a white chocolate buttercream for a sweet treat with every bite. Thank you Sprinkle Bakes for the recipe!

Swedish Fish Sushi
3. Swedish Fish Sushi

We don't know about you, but we love Swedish Fish. These candy treats are placed on top of Rice Krispie Treats and wrapped with an apple-flavored fruit roll.

S'mores Rolls
4. S'mores Rolls

These S'mores pinwheels are mouth-watering. Layers of Rice Krispies are filled with marshmallow and chocolate for a s'more unlike anything you've ever had before. Thank you Mom On Timeout for the recipe.

M&M Maki Rolls
5. M&M Maki Rolls

This dessert sushi recipe uses vanilla cake mix, frosting and M&Ms for a twist on the classic birthday cake. You can also sub Skittles for the M&Ms if you like things a little on the fruity side. Check out Nothing But Country for the recipe.

Raspberry Candy Sushi
6. Raspberry Candy Sushi

Raspberry candies are used to create a colorful and sweet sushi treat. You'll love this marshmallowy sweet dessert! Check out Life Frosting for the full recipe.

Apple Fruit-Roll-Up Roll
7. Apple Fruit-Roll-Up Roll

Sweet marshmallow Rice Krispie treats are encompassed by sour apple fruit roll-ups and Twizzlers that will leave you craving more. This sweet treat is perfect for a kids' birthday party snack. Check out Rachel Ray for the recipe.

Tropical Dessert Sushi
8. Tropical Dessert Sushi

With one bite you'll be sent to the tropical islands in no time. With papaya, coconut milk, pineapple and macadamia nuts, this tropical dessert sushi sure is delicious! Check out One Ingredient Chef for the recipe.

Key Lime Sushi
9. Key Lime Sushi

This tropical, sweet and tart dessert is one you'll love. Vanilla cake is filled with a creamy lime filling and topped with whipped cream and lime slices. Find the full recipe here.

10. Peepshi

How fun is these Peepshi?! Colorful, sweet and so easy to make. Plus, who wouldn't love these for Easter? Check out Serious Eats for the full recipe.

Mixed Fresh Fruit Sushi
11. Mixed Fresh Fruit Sushi

If you're a fresh-fruit-over-candy type of person, try this mixed fresh fruit sushi instead. You can even dip it in dark chocolate sauce for that little bit of sweetness. Find the recipe here.

Oreo Orange Sushi
12. Oreo Orange Sushi

If you love sushi, but hate the mess of making your own, try this dessert sushi that just needs a little assembly! Rice Krispie Treats are formed into balls, rolled in crushed Oreos and then topped with orange Mike & Ikes. 

Candy Sushi
13. Candy Sushi

If you're in dire need of a candy overload, this sushi is for you. Rainbow Twizzlers are stuffed inside Rice Krispie Treats and finished with fruit roll-up around the edges. Yum!

14. Tiramisushi

If you like tiramisu, you need to try this sushi that tastes just like the real deal. A cocoa sponge cake is filled with a marsala mascarpone filling and paired with a mocha-rum sauce. Talk about a perfect dessert! Thank you Dessert First Girl for the recipe.

Strawberry Sushi
15. Strawberry Sushi

Perfect for a Valentine's Day or any date night treat, this Strawberry Sushi is fruity and decadent. Rice balls are topped with slices of strawberries and accompanied by a chocolate dipping sauce. Find the full recipe here.

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