Chicken With Spaghetti - Indonesia
1. Chicken With Spaghetti - Indonesia

There are two things we're unsure of here. How good can fast food spaghetti really taste? And how does that even remotely go with fried chicken?!

Bubur Ayam - Malaysia
2. Bubur Ayam - Malaysia

While oatmeal is a classic breakfast food, this Malaysian-style porridge is quite, well, odd. It's topped with chicken strips, onions, ginger, fried shallots and chillies. 

Alhoa Heat - Hong Kong
3. Alhoa Heat - Hong Kong

This burger is meant to resemble Hawaiian flavors, but we're just not buying it. A quarter pounder is accompanied by a slice of pineapple and jalapeno relish. 

Lychee Pie - Malaysia
4. Lychee Pie - Malaysia

While lychee is a popular fruit in Asian countries, we're not sure if stuffing it in a pie is the right way to go. It looks far from appetizing.

Hokkaido Salmon Burger - Thailand
5. Hokkaido Salmon Burger - Thailand

There's just something about fish from a fast food place that just doesn't sit well with us. This burger includes a big salmon patty, cheese, lettuce and sauce. 

McChocolate Potato - Japan
6. McChocolate Potato - Japan

In case you ever wanted a heaping layer of chocolate on your fries, McDonald's in Japan has you covered. An order of fries comes with a sauce packet containing milk and white chocolate to be drizzled over the top.

Chicken And Ham Pie - Thailand
7. Chicken And Ham Pie - Thailand

This flaky pie crust is filled with chicken and ham, mixed in an Italian sauce. It kind of sounds like a Hot Pocket.

Desayuno Especial Mexicano - Mexico
8. Desayuno Especial Mexicano - Mexico

This decadent breakfast includes spicy Mexican scrambled eggs, sausage and McMolletes, which is an English muffin piled high with refried beans, cheese and salsa. 

Fried Prawn Cocktail - Russia
9. Fried Prawn Cocktail - Russia

While deep fried anything is always good, we're not so sure about these breaded and fried prawns, especially coming from a fast food joint. 

Mandise - Morocco
10. Mandise - Morocco

Not going to lie, this chocolate-filled dessert looks pretty delicious. A sponge cake is stuffed with morsels of chocolate and filled with a hazelnut fondant. 

Chili Cheese Tops - Denmark
11. Chili Cheese Tops - Denmark

These bite sized balls are filled with cheese and chili pieces. A nice switch from typical fries in our opinion. 

Mocha Flavored McFlurry - Singapore
12. Mocha Flavored McFlurry - Singapore

Apparently McDonald's goers in Singapore sure like their coffee-flavored ice cream. This mocha swirled ice cream also included caramelized biscuits. 

Pineapple Pie - Thailand
13. Pineapple Pie - Thailand

Remember the classic apple pie? Well, this pie is pretty much the same thing, but with a pineapple filling. 

Poutine - Canada
14. Poutine - Canada

If you've ever been to Canada you've probably heard of this delicious fries, gravy and cheese curd combo. Well, McDonald's decided to jump in on the Canadian staple too.

Rye Vegetarian Feast - Finland
15. Rye Vegetarian Feast - Finland

Vegetarians can finally enjoy the wonders of McDonald's, well, in Finland at least. This sandwich includes a hearty veggie burger, cheddar cheese, salad, pickle and three sauces all on rye bread. 

Churros - South Korea
16. Churros - South Korea

Hey, if you're ever in the mood for churros, just head to McDonald's in South Korea. 

Hokkaido Burger - Japan
17. Hokkaido Burger - Japan

This burger is stuffed with three slices of bread, a hamburger patty, bacon, cheese and mashed potatoes! 

Cream Stew Pie - Japan
18. Cream Stew Pie - Japan

This Cream Stew Pie McDonald's rolled out in Japan sort of reminds us of a hand-help pot pie. The filling is a mixture of cream, onions, potato, corn and mushroom chunks.

Spicy Paneer Wrap - India
19. Spicy Paneer Wrap - India

Paneer, or cottage cheese, is placed in a spicy, crunchy batter then piled on top mustard, salad and a creamy dressing in a wrap.

The Peasant Soup - Portugal
20. The Peasant Soup - Portugal

While the name kind of puts McDonald's customers to shame, Peasant Soup is a classic Portugese soup. It's made with kidney beans, pasta, ham, and olive oil.

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