The Dirty Silverware
1. The Dirty Silverware

"We don't clean the silverware. We just spray it with water until food comes off."

The Remedy For A Rude Customer
2. The Remedy For A Rude Customer

"When a guest is rude to me I just eat some of their food before I take them their meal." 

The Unenthused Waitress
3. The Unenthused Waitress

"When customers send back food I wait five minutes, then give them back their same meal, untouched."

The New Age Thermometer
4. The New Age Thermometer

"Chances are people have put their fingers in your food to see if it was cold."

The Germ Palace
5. The Germ Palace

"I work at a restaurant where a lot of servers don't wash their hands after handling dirty dishes."

The Judging Eye
6. The Judging Eye

"When people ask me for low-fat ranch, I always give them regular ranch. If you were really trying to diet, you wouldn't eat ranch at all."

The Brutal Truth
7. The Brutal Truth

"I've dropped something on the floor and served it because it would have taken too long to remake it."

The Insect-filled Water
8. The Insect-filled Water

"We pulled a cockroach out of the water pitcher and then refilled someone's water with the same pitcher."

The Chocolate Theif
9. The Chocolate Theif

"Today I had a customer who treated me like their servant, so I licked his chocolate cake before giving it to him."

The Smoking Hazard
10. The Smoking Hazard

"We smoke cigarettes in the kitchen while the cook makes food."

The Unknowing Customer
11. The Unknowing Customer

"If the drunk ones are rude, I charge them extra on their ticket because...well, they won't notice until it's too late anyway."

The Worthless Tip
12. The Worthless Tip

"Whenever people leave me a tip in change I seriously debate on following them to their cars to throw it at them."

The Center Of Attention
13. The Center Of Attention

"I'm a server and yes, we talk shit about you when we go back to the kitchen. If you think we hate you, we do."

The Harsh Consequence
14. The Harsh Consequence

"I'm a hostess and if you are rude to me when I greet you I will put you in a shitty seat with a shitty waiter." 

The Ultimate Revenge
15. The Ultimate Revenge

"When my ex comes in with his girl, I sneak into the computer and charge him more for his food."

The Unhygienic Waiter
16. The Unhygienic Waiter

"I never wash my hands after I pee."

The Fry Bandit
17. The Fry Bandit

"I totally knock some of your fries off your plate before I bring the to your table so that I can eat them."

The Secret Liar
18. The Secret Liar

"When people ask me for something that's a pain to get while I'm busy, I lie and say we ran out."

The Unforgiving Waiter
19. The Unforgiving Waiter

"If you're rude to me I make sure your food takes much longer."

The Dirty, Dirty Truth
20. The Dirty, Dirty Truth

"I touch customer's food all the time with dirty hands from the kitchen - nasty dishes, the floor, door handles, who cares."

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