Chicken Streeps
1. Chicken Streeps

Fried chicken streeps are the absolute best. 

Quesadillas And Sour Crea(meryl)
2. Quesadillas And Sour Crea(meryl)

Sour cream never looked so good next to a quesadilla. 

All A(meryl)can Corn Dogs
3. All A(meryl)can Corn Dogs

Julia Childs would approve of this relationship.

4. Merylshmallows

They're magically delicious!

Bloody Meryl
5. Bloody Meryl

This drink's fit for a diva like Meryl. 

Meryl Tots
6. Meryl Tots

One order of Meryl Tots comin' up!

Banana Streep
7. Banana Streep

You'll find this one ap(peel)ing. 

Heartburn Burger
8. Heartburn Burger

There's nothing more American than that.

The Devil Wears Ricotta
9. The Devil Wears Ricotta

So long Prada, ricotta is the new hot trend

Twinkie, Twinkie Little Streep
10. Twinkie, Twinkie Little Streep

This one is as gold as Meryl's three Oscars. 

Guaca(Meryl) On Toast
11. Guaca(Meryl) On Toast

Just when we thought guacamole couldn't get any better, it just did. 

Donut Streep
12. Donut Streep

The best kind of donut.

Out Of Sriracha
13. Out Of Sriracha

Spice up your life with a little bit of Meryl and Sriracha. 

Get Ready For Meryl
14. Get Ready For Meryl

She'll steal your Samoa.

The Devil Wears Cheese
15. The Devil Wears Cheese

This was too gold not to use again. It never gets old. 

Macaroni And Meryl
16. Macaroni And Meryl

If only we could bathe in a tub of macaroni and cheese. 

Peanut Butter And Merylo's
17. Peanut Butter And Merylo's

That's a heaping spoonful of Meryl. 

Mama M(eat)a!
18. Mama M(eat)a!

Hopefully Meryl isn't a vegetarian. 

Sloppy Joe's: It's Complicated
19. Sloppy Joe's: It's Complicated

Meryl's trying to slide into your DMs (and food) like...

Mozza(Meryl) Sticks
20. Mozza(Meryl) Sticks

Oh Meryl, cheese looks good on you.

21. PB&J&MS

Those Uncrustables will never be the same. 

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