Wefood is a Denmark-based grocery store that is turning the supermarket world on its head.  It just opened... and has already generated international buzz.

Shoppers can save 30-50% off their grocery bill just by shopping... but there's a catch.


Wefood only sells food that is past its expiration date.  Wefood is hoping to help reduce the 700,000 tons of food waste Denmark produces every year.


According to Consumer Reports, Americans are TERRIBLE about throwing away food.  For every $1 we spend on food, we typically throw $.10 in the trash.  That's about $1,500/year.  


According to the USDA, those expiration dates may be just a suggestion.

USDA spokesperson Chris Bernstein says products may have a shelf life 12 to 18 months beyond that expiration date!  Check it out below:


But not everything is safe to eat.  We've put together a handy-dandy guide for you to help you navigate the fridge and pantry.

Sell-by: You shouldn't buy a product from a store after this day (also known as the "expiration date"). But a food product in your fridge or pantry that is so dated is, in all likelihood, still edible days or even weeks afterward (depending on what it is).

Use by: This is the last day that a food manufacturer will guarantee a product's quality, but it does not mean the food is unsafe or should be discarded after this date.

Best if used by: The flavor or quality of a food product may not be as good after this day. But it may still be OK to eat.


Wefood sells food that is ugly or deformed or is past its expiration date.  They source the food from other grocery stores.  Since opening, they've run out of food almost every single day.

Daily Table

If you're looking for a similar shopping experience stateside, check out Daily Table.

Daily Table

Founded by Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s, Daily Table opened its first store June 4, 2015 in Dorchester, a diverse residential community in Boston.  It's a discount store that sells surplus food (the stuff no one else really wants).  It has plans to open stores nationwide.

So that should have you rethinking the way you shop... and thinking twice before you throw that yogurt in the trash.  

For a little inspiration, check out these recipes you can try tonight with expired food!


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