1. Do-Si-Dos

You tend to go against the crowd with your love for Do-Si-Dos. You don't dabble in the Tagalong chocolate; you just need the peanut butter. You have no problem doing your own thing and your laid back personality often draws people to you.

2. Toffee-Tastic

If these buttery, toffee cookies are your favorite, chances are you may seem like the life of the party on the outside, but for those who know you, you are the mom of the group. You're responsible, careful and enjoy cleaning up the messes other make. You're a mother hen and you don't care who knows it.

Savannah Smiles
3. Savannah Smiles

Your love of Savannah Smiles represents the constant smile plastered on your face. People love being around you because you see the glass as half full. You love soaking up the sun outdoors and running through the park with your dog.

4. Rah-Rah-Raisins

The whole grain raisin cookie shows off your health nut side. You're seen as the fitness guru and your friends and family have learned not to question your dedication to anything that involves sweating. You don't indulge in sweets often, but when you do it's a hearty, whole grain cookie.

5. Trios

If the Trios are your favorite cookie, chances are you hate making decisions. You'd rather put your feet into anything and everything than pick just one activity. Your friends love your free spirit and your willingness to go with the flow. 

6. Lemonades

If Lemonades are your favorite, chances are you love to be the center of attention and people don't mind giving it to you. You're spunky, fun-loving and are always the life of the party. You have an infectious laugh and people often describe you as bubbly and energetic. 

7. Tagalongs

If these chocolate and peanut butter cookies are your favorite, you most definitely love the classics. You have your favorites and don't like to jump out of your box too often. You'd rather curl up on the couch and watch a movie than spend the night out on the town.

8. Trefoils

Oh, you Trefoil loving gal. Your love of the classic shortbread shows your loyalty to the simpler things in life, like enjoying good times with friends and family. You always have a positive outlook on things and live your life free of any unnecessary drama. 

Thin Mints
9. Thin Mints

If your favorite is the classic Thin Mint, chances are you're known as the down-to-earth gal. You always seem to be calm, cool and collected and many people go to you for your words of wisdom. You make friends everywhere you go because of your charming personality.

10. Samoas

You love the distinct and unique flavors of coconut and chocolate and it's no different when it comes to the way you live life. You love adventure and you don't think twice about trying something new. You're always on the go and wouldn't have it any other way.

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