1. "Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and goldfish"

Not going to lie, we'd probably try this combo for ourselves. 

2. "The laundry detergent taste I get from chewing on fresh rags out of the washer"

Is this an episode of My Strange Addiction?

3. "I craved weird things like chalk, clay and dirt"

If towels aren't a strange addiction worthy enough to be on the show, this one definitely is. 

4. "I craved french fries covered in melted butter"

Um, YUM!

5. "I woke up craving Kool-aid and whipped cream"

Together or like take a drink of Koolaid and then a spoonful of whipped cream?

6. "When I was pregnant I craved ear wax"

We think we just threw up a little bit.

7. "Oreo ice cream on marble cheese"

Excuse me, what? 

8. "Pregnancy craving at 4:30 a.m.: pizza with nothing but onions"

That baby is going to have some smelly breath! 

9. "Blackberry pie mixed with mac and cheese"

That sounds...interesting.

10. "Pop rocks inside of a lemon"

Okay, we'd probably give this one a go.

11. "I craved a big bowl of froyo"

We crave this even when we're not pregnant.

12. "Twizzlers dipped in Nutella"

Anything tastes better dipped in Nutella. 

13. "Doritos, soda, swiss rolls and pizza, all in one sitting"

Sign us up!

14. "A muffin with an egg stuffed in the middle"

Yep, nope. Those two things definitely shouldn't go together.

15. "Pretzels, string cheese, chocolate and honey mustard, all together"

What a weird combination of savory and sweet.

16. "Donuts dipped in chocolate milk"

Heck yes! We're in on this one!

17. "Hot pickles and cookies eaten at the same time"

No thank you. 

18. "Hot Cheetos dipped in avocado"

We like Hot Cheetos and we like avocado...okay, we'd probably try it.

19. "My first real craving was mozzarella cheese, but I'm lactose intolerant"

Well, that's really, really unfortunate.

20. "I'm a vegetarian but my baby is making me crave chicken nuggets"

What a cruel, cruel world.

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