The Weight Requirement
1. The Weight Requirement

"There is no specific weight requirement. However, Hooters only carries uniforms in sizes xxs, xs and s." source

False Rumors
2. False Rumors

"There is a rumor that candidate hooter servers have to stand facing a wall, and if their upper parts touch the wall before their feet or nose, they pass. It is completely false." source

Big (And Weird) Tips
3. Big (And Weird) Tips

"I've had a customer ask what I was eating (it was gum) and give me $50 for it. They actually put it in their mouth. I ended up selling the table $300 worth of gum." source

"We Have To Keep Up Our Appearances."
4. "We Have To Keep Up Our Appearances."

"They take a picture of us when we get hired and we're told that if we vary too far from the picture (weight, hair color/length) they reserve the right to fire us. They also give us a free gym membership and discounts at tanning/hair salons so we can keep up appearances."source

Pregnant Hooters Girls
5. Pregnant Hooters Girls

"I have seen a handful of pregnant Hooters girls as it is against the law to fire someone for being pregnant. There is a different uniform for hooters girls who are expecting." source

Renegade Hospitality Course
6. Renegade Hospitality Course

"We actually go through a 'renegade hospitality course' where the company teaches us how to market ourselves and create relationships with customers. They like when we personalize our sections, like decorate it with balloons, come up with personalized menus, etc. They want us to make the customers day."

The Creeps
7. The Creeps

"Luckily there are fewer creeps than you'd expect, but I have perfected the passive aggressive comebacks and letdowns when necessary. There's no touching, no crude comments and if a girl feels uncomfortable the manager will ask the guest to leave."

" I get asked for my number several times a day."
8. " I get asked for my number several times a day."

"I get asked for my number several times a day. For the most part I'll ask for the guy's and then just throw it out. Sometimes you get cornered into giving out your number, but then you can just ignore the texts/calls until they get the hint.Usually you can tell the super creeps and know when not to give out your number."

The Regulars
9. The Regulars

"Regulars definitely do hook us up with some cool free stuff. They always bring in food, like Starbucks etc. One of my regulars has club seats at a local arena so he's given me 2nd row tickets to Rascall Flats and Kenny Chesney concerts." source

The Managers
10. The Managers

"In my two years with the company I've had more female managers than male. But either way, all of my managers have been incredible. The girls are awesome because they're previous Hooters girls who know what we go through. The guys have always been super cool too, nothing like the creeps on 'Undercover Boss.' Theres a chain of command; we can bypass our manager and contact the regional manager if we ever have any kind of problem, like sexual harassment."

The Truth About The Food
11. The Truth About The Food

"I've worked there for almost 2 years and I'm still not sick of the food it. I really do love most of the food that we serve: burgers, boneless wings, the fish tacos are really good." source

The Pros
12. The Pros

"Pros of working at Hooters: Better money than average restaurant, very flexible schedule, more laid back and fun than average restaurant." source

The Cons
13. The Cons

"Cons of working at Hooters: Stereotype that comes along with it, we're not allowed to wear nail polish, the sneakers are a pain in the ass to clean and relatively expensive to replace." source

Minimum Cup Size
14. Minimum Cup Size

"There is no minimum cup size. Some of the girls are completely flat chested while some are DDs. Relatively pretty is all thats required." source

"The Best Thing To Do When A Girlfriend Comes In..."
15. "The Best Thing To Do When A Girlfriend Comes In..."

"The best thing to do when a girlfriend comes with her boyfriend is pretty much ignore the guy and be as polite as possible to the girl. Sometimes girls come in trying to be the 'cool' girlfriend, but end up feeling threatened and uncomfortable." source

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