Picky About Pickles
1. Picky About Pickles

"This one guy wanted 4 pickles on his burger every time and if any of them were touching he would bring it back." source

The Hygienic Religion
2. The Hygienic Religion

"I worked in McDonald's part time for a while. A woman once complained because I was wearing a hairnet. She said she thought it was a religious thing, and she didn't want religion near her food. She didn't want to associate with me and wouldn't touch my hand when I offered her the change. She made me put it in the counter and she picked it up from there." source

A Dish Best Served Cold
3. A Dish Best Served Cold

"Not fast food, but I worked in a pub. One customer complained their ice cream was too cold." source

"A Lady Demanded To Talk To A Manager About Our Straws."
4. "A Lady Demanded To Talk To A Manager About Our Straws."

"One time a lady demanded to talk to a manager about our straws. Apparently they were too short for her taste and she wanted us to call the general manager (person in charge of all the McDonald's in our area) so she could tell them to make longer straws."

Half Coffee, Half Cream
5. Half Coffee, Half Cream

"I worked in a Starbucks-copycat coffee chain. Some lady got a drip coffee, poured most of it out into the trash can, filled it up with half and half, then complained that the coffee wasn't hot." source

The "Raw" Chicken Fiasco
6. The "Raw" Chicken Fiasco

"When I worked at Popeye's a man came in like half an hour after coming through the drive through claiming his chicken was raw. He opened the box, which had half a piece in it and nothing else. I explained to him that the red color is from the spices, and the manager denied him a refund because he ate almost all his food and didn't have a receipt. He leaves, and about ten minutes later his wife comes in cussing up a storm brandishing the same box from earlier because we didn't refund her husband." source

The Correct Ketchup Order
7. The Correct Ketchup Order

"One person said the ketchup had to be on the top bun, instead of the bottom." source

A Lite Burger
8. A Lite Burger

"I worked at Wendy's, this scraggly looking guy used to come in every day and order 'A lite burger, a lite potato, and a lite soda.' The burger had to be JUST done, not a second over, JUST turning brown. He came in every single day, and 3-5 days out of the week he was coming back up for a new burger because it wasn't lite enough. Also, the potato had to be half done; we had to take the ones we were currently baking, to give him." source

Large Rockstar Freeze
9. Large Rockstar Freeze

"Quite often at Taco Bell parents would get the freezes for their kids, but some of the freezes are energy drinks, so we'd warn the parents beforehand in case they didn't know (and usually they didn't.) Some lady berated my then-boyfriend because he suggested that she not buy her toddler a large size Rockstar freeze, and later called the store threatening to sue because 'one of your workers tried telling me how to parent.'" source

Wait, Mocha Is Coffee?
10. Wait, Mocha Is Coffee?

"Mocha was returned because it 'tasted like coffee.'" source

The Person Who Didn't Want To Save Money
11. The Person Who Didn't Want To Save Money

"I had a customer complain that something was cheaper than normal, like what the heck, we are saving you money." source

The Taco Bell Illuminati
12. The Taco Bell Illuminati

"At Taco Bell, we would ask people for their name to call when their order was up. This caused some people to freak the f*ck out, including one guy who accused us in complete seriousness of being involved with the Illuminati." source

The Spork Situation
13. The Spork Situation

"A woman flipped out and demanded to see a manager because we had forks instead of sporks." source

The Princess And The Highchair
14. The Princess And The Highchair

"A mom complained that our high chairs were gray in color and not pretty enough for her daughter." source

"People Try To Scam Money Off Of Me By..."
15. "People Try To Scam Money Off Of Me By..."

"At least twice I had people try to scam money off of me by saying I gave them change for a 5 when they gave me a 20 or something. It never worked because I would just have them wait while a manager counted the register down. The register would be right on and they would be gone by the time we counted it."

The Benedict Blunder
16. The Benedict Blunder

"I was a cook at a restaurant. I made an order for something similar to an Eggs Benedict with spinach and tomato. 15 minutes later the manager came to me and said he just had to comp a meal I made. I asked what was wrong. The spinach and tomatoes on the dish were swapped around and it didn't look like the picture so the customer demanded that it was free."

"Shamrock Shake Was Too..."
17. "Shamrock Shake Was Too..."

"Shamrock shake was too green and minty... It's a mint milkshake, it's supposed to be green" source

The Sour Cream Situation
18. The Sour Cream Situation

"Another time a customer ordered a taco salad without sour cream. A few minutes later he yelled at me from across the room 'Do you see sour cream on here?' I replied, 'No sir, you asked for no sour cream.' He then proceeded to yell at me about how he wants sour cream."

Baffled Beer Battered Fish
19. Baffled Beer Battered Fish

"We have beer battered fish tacos at my work, obviously the taste of said beer goes away once it's in the fryer. Someone actually tossed the taco at me at the counter and said 'This doesn't taste like beer at all, I want a refund.'" source

Complicated Coffee
20. Complicated Coffee

"When I worked at Tim Hortons, I had a lady ask me to remake her coffee 3 times because she couldn't taste the coffee in it. She ordered a large 5 cream 5 sugar. That amount of cream in a large is basically over half the cup, plus enough sugar to make someone's foot fall off."

Waiting 'Til The Last Minute
21. Waiting 'Til The Last Minute

"I used to work the front counter of a bakery. Dude came in around 6pm and asked to pick up his cake. I was confused since all the cake orders had been picked up for the day. I looked around for a bit, then found his order slip. The cake was to be picked up the next day at 5pm. I relayed this to him, and he got mad that it wasn't made yet! Him: 'What, you people wait till the last minute to make cakes?' Me: 'Yup...we make it fresh.'" source

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