The Major Overreaction
1. The Major Overreaction

A mob of Chuck E. Cheese customers viscously attacked six employees because they were upset about a malfunctioning photo booth. One employee stated that he was slammed into a table then punched as he was trying to dial 911. source

The Impatient Guests
2. The Impatient Guests

Choosing which toy you want to exchange your tickets for is a very difficult decision. When a little boy in Wisconsin was taking a long time figuring out what toy he wanted, tempers flared and a fight broke out with more than 20 people! source

The Twelve-Person Brawl
3. The Twelve-Person Brawl

Two separate groups of people were having fun at Chuck E. Cheese when one woman accidentally bumped into another. Most people would have just apologized and moved on, well not these two. The women started yelling at each other, but as soon as the employees asked the women to tone it down, a twelve-person brawl broke out.

The Truth About The Ball Pit
4. The Truth About The Ball Pit

A former Chuck E. Cheese employee explained how the balls from the ball pit were cleaned. He said, "When we did clean them, we put them in my boss' pickup truck in netted bags. Then we just went through a carwash." But they were very rarely cleaned.

The Unwelcome Gesture
5. The Unwelcome Gesture

A mother and her child were watching a live show at Chuck E. Cheese when one of the employees, who was wearing the fur costume of the mascot, Mr. Cheese, groped the mother. Her attorney said, "He looked at her, reached out, grabbed her breast and moved along."

Runaway Tire
6. Runaway Tire

A 63-year-old woman drove her car into a ditch and hit a telephone pole outside an Indiana Chuck E. Cheese. One of the tires flew off of her car and crashed into the window, injuring three children. source

The Phone Theif
7. The Phone Theif

54-year-old Wanda Jackson was visiting Chuck E. Cheese with her children when she tried to steal another woman's phone. The owner of the phone confronted Jackson, then spit in her face when she wouldn't return it. Jackson threw a few punches and was then held back and later arrested for assault.

The Bad Touch
8. The Bad Touch

21-year-old Kenneth McGhee walked into Chuck E. Cheese and sat down at a table. He then proceeded to expose himself and touch himself under the table. A parent noticed and immediately called the police. source

The Overly Competitive Skee Ball Enthusiasts
9. The Overly Competitive Skee Ball Enthusiasts

A woman and her 2-year-old son were playing skee ball at their local Chuck E. Cheese. Another woman who was also playing skee ball pushed the 2-year-old boy down. The boy's mother confronted the woman and the two got into a physical fight. They landed on the skee ball machine and were eventually broken up by the employees. source

The Averted Tragedy
10. The Averted Tragedy

A family was celebrating their one-year-old's birthday when the party was broken up by gunshots. Arieon Demico Ford brought a gun to Chuck E. Cheese and shot at 4 people. The little girl's grandfather was hit three times but made a full recovery. source

The Family Affair
11. The Family Affair

Sometimes parents are more immature than their kids. The father of a boy and his girlfriend got into an argument at a Chuck E. Cheese in Pittsburg. The girlfriend then started arguing with the boy's mother. Someone threw a punch and a massive brawl started with more than 50 people.

The Disappearing Purse Mystery
12. The Disappearing Purse Mystery

After a string of purse thefts were reported at a Washington Chuck E. Cheese, police started an investigation. Surveillance footage showed a 34-year-old man using three young children to steal customers' unattended purses and bring them to the bathroom. The man was caught, but no one knows how he was related to the children. source

Two's Company
13. Two's Company

A Chuck E. Cheese customer saw two men in the same bathroom stall and reported it to the employees. The employees discovered the two men smoking heroin in the family-friendly restaurant. They were arrested for possession of drugs. source

The White Substance
14. The White Substance

In a Belleville, IL Chuck E. Cheese, a child found a plastic bag with a white powdery substance on the carousel. The mother told the manager, but he refused to call the police and told the mother the throw the bag away. Hmm, seems a little fishy. source

Family Vs. Family
15. Family Vs. Family

Birthdays are supposed to be a happy occasion right? Well not always. Two separate families were celebrating birthday parties at a Kansas Chuck E. Cheese when they had a disagreement. The disagreement escalated into a parking lot fight. Police had to break up the fight.

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