People Are The Worst.


People Are The Worst.

"I had an old guy keel over and crack his head open on the slate tile floor. The blood started pooling around his head pretty quickly. I was a Manager at the time and actually had people requesting that we comp their meals because this had ruined their appetite" (Source).

Money Can't Buy You Class.


Money Can't Buy You Class.

"There was a dentist convention in SF, and we got a lot of these guys in our door. I'm working in a Michelin Star restaurant, so bills over $1,000 weren't uncommon (this was a long time ago). This guy and his mistress ended up drinking three bottles of wine during the course of their 11-course meal, and tried to order a fourth. When we declined, that's when things started to get 'fun'... 30-minute breaks to smoke cigarettes, doing blow in the bathroom, threatening not to pay... But, the 'best' part is when the guy walked by table 52 & 53, and made a jacking off motion at them while, in a the most vulgar of ways, saying 'Uhhhnnnnnn! Uhhhnnnnn!' over and over. We threatened to call the police and had a team of people blocking the door. They finally paid and left no tip. As the douche is FINALLY leaving, he hands my manager a $20 and says 'For your service' with this s--t eating grin on his face. The same manager he said looked like a used-car salesman... My boss waded it up, threw it into the back of his head, closed the door and locked it. Guh..." (Source).

You Never Know.

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You Never Know.

"I was head server at a restaurant that used big sheets of paper that customers could draw on with crayons. The table covers were tossed at the end of every meal since they were just paper. One night my other head server (who was also a good friend of mine) had a table of four that wrote, 'Go kill yourself,' and 'You suck at life, you should just die.' These captions were accompanied with images of her hanging herself, shooting herself and lying in a puddle of blood, etc.

Since I was the other head server and Bridget was upset about the incident she asked me to take over and deal with the situation. It was a pain to deal with those customers. What they did not know was that this girl had struggled with thoughts of suicide in the past and had made an attempt previously. They weren't welcomed back. Ever.

Sadly, the worst part of this experience was having to deal with Bridget's death several months later, when she killed herself. I only hope that from this incident, people learn to think before they speak such things. We don't know if someone may or may not have mental health issues, or had made previous suicide attempts (Bridget had, for example). Hearing this kind of thing can affect them much more deeply than one might realize" (Source).

Gross X's Two.


Gross X's Two.

"I was dying to the use the restroom during a Thursday afternoon shift. I walked over, and I saw two of the line cooks waiting, including A. I stood and followed the queue, and Al went in after a server came out. We weren't allowed to use the customer restrooms, but that's another story.

Al, he went in, and maybe spent about 5 minutes using it. Mind you, he is a line cook, and he deals with food 98 percent of the time and the 2 percent is spent taking breaks. I'm standing in line, and after I hear the toilet flush, Al, he comes right out. He obviously was pooping. It took maybe a second or two to process, but Al came out and didn't wash his hands. I didn't say anything to the manager, and just left it.

The more disturbing part is that cooks rarely use gloves at this particular restaurant. We've gotten numerous complaints from customers about our cooks not using gloves--- after thinking about it, it seemed rightfully so" (Source).

Can't Hold His Liquor.

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Can't Hold His Liquor.

I served someone one drink, and he was apparently already hammered from somewhere else. I had no idea, he drank, paid, and left, without saying much of anything. A few minutes later, he was PEEING into the fountain in front of the restaurant, in full view of the outside diners. He kept trying to drive home. Another employee and I had to run outside in the middle of a snowstorm and chase him around the neighborhood trying to get him to relinquish his keys and get a cab, which we would pay for. It was freezing and miserable, and took 45 minutes to coerce him into a taxi" (Source).

The 20 Top of 20-Year-Olds.

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The 20 Top of 20-Year-Olds.

"One of the worst and most degrading experiences I had as a waiter was when I served a 20 top table of 20-year olds, who were having a work party.

They had their own separate room, which became incredibly hot and damp to serve in. In addition, I had another 6 tables to serve. These guys were old enough to drink spirits, and their bill was paid by their company, so the orders would never stop. I would run around like a madman ensuring my guests were happy.

Since they were so many, it was difficult to keep track of their level of intoxication. As a result, one of the 20-year olds vomited. The sweaty room they were occupying was now stinking of puke. In addition, the room had a carpet floor, which meant that the stank was ingrained in the floor. Not only that, I had to get on my knees and clean the vomit myself.

I'm on my knees, sweating my butt off, rubbing puke off the carpet floor, while 20 tipsy 20-year olds are watching me.

After hours of eating and drinking, they are the last table to leave. I vividly remember their bill. It came to $1,750! That's an insane amount. Considering that their orders and experience was smooth, and that I had to clean up their vomit, I hoped for a decent tip.

When the leader of the group was calculating how much tip to give me, he asked me how much I think I deserve. I was astonished. I wanted to say 'tip me 20%,' but I had to remain professional and follow company policy. So I awkwardly told him 'I can't say that, you tip however much you want.'

The guy gave me $60 and a pat on the back. As they scramble out of the restaurant, I'm standing defeated and motionless with the tip in my hand, facing a room that looks like a battlefield" (Source).

A Bogan Wedding.
A Bogan Wedding.

"I waitressed a bogan wedding one night in a beautiful swanky restaurant in Sydney. We were instructed to make sure there was a giant bottle of Jim Beam on all tables all through the night and each bottle had to be at least half full at all times. In the course of the night:

1) A 16 year old boy passed out face down in the urinal and nearly drowned. When he returned to the dining room a strong stench of urine permeated the air within a 3.5 meter radius of him.

2) The best man was caught in the courtyard shooting up.

3) A punch up broke out between the father of the bride and some disgraced cousin.

4) I fell down a bunch of stairs carrying a tray of hors d'oeuvres because some disgusting horny bogan dude tried to goose me as I was walking up the stairs.

5) A table merrily screaming 'cheers!' and throwing their glasses together in the centre of the table, harder and harder, eventually all smashed their glasses in one final thrust and red wine and glass flew everywhere.

6) Two idiots from said table needed first aid for glass cuts.

7) A fat drunk lady followed me around all night trying to snatch bits of food off plates I was carrying as she thought her portions had been a little on the small side" (Source).

The Things A Server Sees…

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The Things A Server Sees…

Oh, man... Here we go:

1) A guy heading to the restroom fainted during the middle of service on a Friday night. His momentum ensured that he fell forward. In a dining room of about 150 people, I can still hear the sound of his teeth hitting the tile...

2) Watching people get fired in front of everyone.

3) Watching my crazy Czech boss (running a nice French Bistro) play banjo and get drunk with his friends in the back of the restaurant on a busy Friday night...

4) Watching a couple breakup on Valentine's Day. Dude finished the last two courses to himself (she had left crying) and took the desserts to go.

5) Seeing the look on my table's face from across the room, and without any words, I knew something was seriously wrong. The guy had bit into the beef tartare... and found a huge chunk of oyster shell. It cracked his tooth in half.

6) A drunk woman going around at the end of a wedding, and marrying (pardon the pun) the leftover wine bottles. 1995 Chardonnay, 2005 Bordeaux, 1999 Pinot... didn't matter, she mixed it all into the same bottles and took it home with her. She spilled everywhere, and then made us pack up anything and everything (food, vases, table cloths that were actually ours...) because she was the cheapest person I have ever seen

7) An elderly man throwing a red-faced temper tantrum while embarrassing his entire family. His complaint: We sat his 11-top table @745pm instead of 730pm like their reservation said. The problem (besides being a Friday night) was they added a person. We had the table ready for 10 people, and fitting the extra seat was an issue.

8) A middle aged man throwing a red-faced temper tantrum because I took the wrong plate out to the wrong table. This was actually the chef, not a customer..." (Source).

Fun Christmas Eve…


Fun Christmas Eve…

"So one night when I was off, a guy took my seat next to my girlfriend at a bar when I went to use the restroom. I came back, told him to leave and he tried to fight me. He came back 20 minutes later, sucker-punched me and fractured my myopic lens, nasal cavity & orbital lens. One week later, it's Christmas Eve. I'm working a busy dinner shift in a white table cloth, fancy restaurant. I'm wearing make-up (poorly... sadly, my dad never taught me that life skill) and getting through the night okay. Then, my nose starts to bleed. A lot. 30 minutes later, it just won't stop, and I have to get back into my section. I'm managing okay, and then a busser comes up and asks, 'Is table 21 yours?' I tell them it is, and ask if they need something. His words haunt me to this day... 'They said there's blood on the side of their wine bottle.' Spent Christmas Eve in the ER after that super awesome night..." (Source).

A Terrible Situation.


A Terrible Situation.

"Around 9pm, just as we were starting to finish up for the evening, I answer the phone. It's the owner, who asks, 'Yes or no question: Is Candice around you right now?' Candice was the manager.
'No,' I say.
'Have you accounted for all your tickets tonight?'
'Make sure she stays there until I get in.'
Turned out Candice had been snagging tickets, and the cash, from a few tables, a few times a week. I knew why she did it. Single mom, three kids, she was broke. She got fired that night. Was a lovely person, an unfortunate situation. I felt terrible about it, still do. Not that I could've done anything to prevent it, or that it was my fault, just terrible for the situation. Candice was a great person, she was just really stuck" (Source).

Just The Life Of A Server.

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Just The Life Of A Server.

"Here are some of the worst ones I've experienced...but there are many more.

1) Getting stiffed on a big, big bill is really terrible... especially on a night when it's your only table in the restaurant because it takes up an entire section. This is something that has happened to every server, and it ruins your week.

2) Recently, I had a woman with a gluten allergy. I wrote everything correctly on the ticket, and let them know the issue. About 2 minutes after she gets her food, she's shaking violently and choking. I'm PANICKING, thinking I've poisoned her. A nearby customer runs over and performs the Heimlich, and a piece of her meal, along with bile, flies out. So, she simply choked on her meal, and happened to have an allergy as well.

3) When it's Valentine's Day and the girlfriend says 'no' to the proposal... which you wrote in chocolate on the dessert plate. About 5 hands went up, 'Check Please!!!!!'

4) Once, we had a restaurant full of people heading to the theater, meaning they needed prompt service, but the food was taking forever. Apparently, the oven broke, as the higher-ups were informing my tables. In reality, it turns out, our brand-new chef was failing miserably in the kitchen, and couldn't get the food out in time.

5) Once a woman at the bar had apparently started new medication, and got completely sloshed off of 1/2 a martini. She couldn't keep her head up at the bar any longer, and certainly couldn't walk to her car. Two people had to support her as she walked to the owner's car, who had to drive her home. All of the other customers were so 'disgusted that the restaurant would let someone like that drive home,' so we had to personally go to each table in the bar and explain that she was being driven home by the owner.

6) Once, a regular, who was really rude and would only tip 5%, loudly said to the owner, who didn't know about his behavior, 'How come your bartenders never buy me a drink? They bought that guy a drink, and I come here once a week. I want a free drink.'

7) When a homeless man angrily and constantly bangs on the glass side door to the restaurant after closing time. You (small female) and the small female dishwasher who speaks zero English are inside, fearing for your lives. We had to wait until the cops came to escort the man off the premises. The next day, the side door was open while servers set up, and he barged in causing a huge scene, and the owner had to strong arm him out of the restaurant and call the cops.

8) When a pregnant lady asks to use the restroom to pee as you're locking up. You feel bad and let her in, but it turns out she's pregnant AND drunk, she can hardly walk on her own, and she vomits in the toilet for 20 minutes. You're about to enter into that area of time where only people on the liquor license are allowed in the building so you force her man to physically carry her out of the building" (Source).

The Missing Coffee.


The Missing Coffee.

"Back in college I was waiting tables at a large (95 tables), popular Italian restaurant. We were always very busy, but I'd been there several years at was generally a pretty decent waiter. Our prices were also the lowest in the area, so a group of four adults could easily get out for $40-$50.

I had a table of four businessmen, dressed casually. They obviously were hoping for a cute waitress, showing disappointed looks when I introduced myself. They got my usual quick service, something that would get an 18--20% tip nowadays. They went through two pitchers of beer, along with their meals. The kitchen got their meals out right on time, and when they finished, I asked if they wanted the standard ice cream dessert that was included with the meal. They did, and three of the four men requested coffee. The fourth said nothing.

I brought out their desserts and coffee and left the check, as was our normal policy. A few minutes later, the 4th man flagged me down and rudely asked where his 'f--king coffee' was! I was stunned by this, as he definitely didn't say he wanted any. I quickly got him a cup, along with refills for his friends. He asked me why I didn't bring his out with the others, and I told him I asked him if he wanted coffee and he never said yes. He argued that he did, and I simply apologized.

They sat there finishing up, and a few minutes later I returned to the kitchen to get meals for a different table. When I returned, they were gone - without paying me for their bill! Four middle aged businessmen who probably made at least $250k between them walked out on a $45 tab and left the poor waiter (me) to pick it up! (Company policy was that you were responsible for getting payment. I could be either written up as my first strike, with a second strike meaning termination, or I could pay the tab myself out of my tips that night. I chose the latter.)

I left work that night a few hours later with only $23 in tips instead of a more typical night of $75--80. I was PISSED!" (Source).

In The Weeds.

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In The Weeds.

"This was my craziest day. There were 2 bartenders for what was expected to be the busiest 1.5 hours in the history of the restaurant, from 6-7:30. Around 5:45, the CO2 goes out in the bar, so the other bartender says he'll run downstairs to change it. About 15 minutes later, he's still not back, and people are pouring into the bar. I'm working through it like a champ, and things are getting pretty heated. After 30 minutes, he's still not back, and I make a frantic call to the office for some assistance, and ask servers and managers to help me if they can. I'm really losing it. I'm not making eye contact, people in super fancy outfits are just staring at me impatiently, and I just don't know what to do. I'm shaking and jittery and having my first epic fail behind the bar. This was a fancy bar with lots of steps to each drink, measuring cups, and lots of shaking. We would squeeze orange rinds over some drinks, and light that essential oil on fire, giving a fruity-smoky flavor to the drink. Well, I'm in the weeds, the owner is behind the bar taking up space and trying to talk to customers, I'm trying to make 7 drinks at once, and upon making a cosmo with the flamed orange, I toss the match in the trash can, like I'd done a hundred times before. Well, this time I didn't blow it out all the way, and the trash can caught on fire! And that's how you clear a bar. The other bartender finally comes back around 7:15, so after an hour and 15 minutes, with the CO2 working. Apparently we were out, and he had to GO BUY ANOTHER CANISTER. I don't know why he couldn't send someone else, or why nobody told me what was going on, but that was terrible for me" (Source)

First And Only Night.


First And Only Night.

"On my first night working at a restaurant my friend had kindly recommended me for I managed to smash well over fifty glasses into the newly filled ice bucket.

I followed this up by dropping a knife covered in cream down the back of a lady's dress. We couldn't get it out from above so she had to stand up, shake around a bit and it fell out the bottom as if she laid it.

I quit before they could fire me and apologized profusely to my friend. Bizarrely they still paid me" (Source).

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