It Was All You Can Eat
It Was All You Can Eat

"I used to work at a buffet as a manager/cashier, and I remember this one customer that wanted a free meal because our food made her 'throw up.' She claimed that she threw up in the bathroom, so I went to check up on it.

The entire floor of the bathroom was littered with UNEATEN food straight from the buffet bar. I returned and (politely) called bulls--- on her story. Her response and I kid you not, was, 'Then are you calling me a liar? Do you really think I'd waste food like that?'

I smugly proceed to check the cameras (we had one facing the hallway leading towards the bathroom) and showing her the footage of her heaping a plate with food, entering the bathroom with said plate, and leaving with a magically empty plate. The look of horror and embarrassment on her face was priceless. She paid in the end, too."

Juicy Ham Paper
Juicy Ham Paper

"At subway, juices from the ham can get on the paper you make the sandwich on. If you put that in the toaster, it comes out reddish, looks a bit like blood. This is why a subway employee isn't supposed to give that sheet with the food, but holy heck is it hard to not ruin a customers' sandwich when removing that sheet. It can be surprisingly difficult unless they have a small sandwich.

Anyways, I didn't remove it, the husband brought the food back home, wife comes back in, shouting that we gave her AIDs because there is blood all over the sheet her food was in. She knows it is blood because she is a nurse.

This woman was missing all of her front teeth, total addict look. I doubt she was a nurse. Also, I don't have AIDs, thank you. I look healthier than you, woman.

I was a manager, and I could have comped her meal, and would have if she were nice, but we have the right to refuse that and to tell a customer to leave if they attack the staff or other guests. Verbal attacks like this included. She was reaching over the counter and was spitting onto the register in her anger. I told her to leave. There was a regular there who was interrupted by this woman who offered me her number to give to my district manager if I got in trouble. I offered my regular free food for having to put up with that, but the regular just thought it was kind of funny how ignorant and disgusting she was."

Real Life Hamburglar
Real Life Hamburglar

"About a week ago, I'm running out a parked car order and I hold the door open for a woman because her hands were full of change (Let's call her Change Lady). I come back into the store and my cashier explains to me that she came into the store shoving a handful of change in her face, asking, 'What can I get with this?' The cashier was a little surprised, having change shoved at her, but she counted it and the woman was able to get two fish sandwiches and a McDouble. Okay, no problem. Meanwhile, another car is parked out front waiting for fresh fries.

The fries come up, and I bag them having another person, Paul, run the order outside. Paul doesn't even get to the door before Change lady snatches the bag from him and leaves. He must have thought the parked car came inside because he starts to walk back behind the counter but I stop him saying, 'Go get that bag from her, it's not her order!' He rushes outside to get the two fries the Change Lady had snatched and brings them back inside.

Change Lady comes storming in after him.

CL: 'Your friend here snatched that bag away from me, wasting my time to have to come back in here. I'm with my friend and I can't be wasting time like this!'

Paul chimes in: 'I didn't! I told her that wasn't her order and I would need the bag back!'

Me: 'Ma'am, you have two fish sandwiches and a McDouble, correct? There are two medium fries in here, this isn't your order.'

CL: 'Then I want a small fry!'

Me: 'Ma'am, you snatched the bag from my coworker's hands before you left with the wrong order. I'm not giving you a small fry.'

CL sighs in frustration while looking me up and down with her arms crossed like it's some kind of stare-off to the death. I'm just standing there with my best smile even though I want to give her money back and tell her to leave.

CL: 'Then just give me my food!'

Me: 'No problem!'

I bag the food and hand it to her.

CL: 'You're a piece of crap!'

Me: 'Have a nice day!'

I remake the two medium fries for the parked car and toss in a couple pies for the wait"

Mushroom Murderer
Mushroom Murderer

"I work in a take-out food business.

A lady ordered a delivery with about 3 meals, one of which had mushrooms in.

She called about I would say 15min after receiving her order to complain that I tried to kill her by putting mushrooms in her meal. She did not state that she or anyone had a mushroom allergy. She went to yell and demand free stuff.

The yelling lasted about 10min of her just yelling and threatening to report us. All I could do was ask why she did not state that she had an allergy.

In the end, she got nothing and funny enough ordered again about 3 weeks later"

Bridal Shower Meltdown
Bridal Shower Meltdown

"A lady came into our restaurant, an hour before closing time, and announced she's having her bridal shower (at our restaurant) of 60 people in about 15 minutes.

We told her we'd do our best to accommodate them but we already had a wedding party in our private room, which only seats 50 anyways, but we'd be happy to accommodate her group in the regular area. We did warn her that we weren't set up to just immediately feed this number of people, so late at night, all at once.

I heard her say, 'Well, this is ridiculous, I sent out invitations to my guests two months ago!'

My manager replied, 'Well we didn't get one of those, you've made no reservation, and we'll do what we can to feed your group but the meals are not going to come out at the same time.'

Lady starts having a hissy fit about us 'ruining her dinner.'

I laughed so hard. Feel free to leave, hag.

She was being rude enough that Manager then informed her that we'd love to help her but a party this large, at no notice, at the end of the night would require a 30% mandatory tip, and we would only stay open long enough to serve their food, plus 20 minutes to eat.

She stormed out, and a lot of her party ended up just eating dinner at our restaurant anyways because they had no other option. Most of them tipped at least 20%. Several of them left glowing reviews for how accommodating we were and how great the staff was, and how much they enjoyed their food"


"I worked in a large convention-oriented resort hotel. The kind of place corporations will spend millions to hold yearly meetings. In other words, not cheap. The restaurant I worked for was the 'mid price' option in the hotel where it would usually run $50-75 per person for dinner. Without drinks.

Yes, I made really good money.

About half an hour before closing one night a group of guests comes in. Now, we were used to people arriving late. It was the nature of the location and we were fine with it because most of the time it was people that had issues with transport or something like that, so we were always super cool for late arrivals.

Not this witch.

It's at this juncture I have to say I was not privy to much of the conversation because this was not my table. I was, however, only one of four people in the front of the house at this point and had every single thing retold to me and I trust the people I worked with to not have embellished anything. With that said...

This woman worked for Dillard's. She made it a point to mention that she was a store manager for Dillard's multiple times. This becomes relevant later, even if it was never relevant at any point when she actually mentioned it. So this lady comes in with a small handful of underlings she had invited out so she could spend the evening telling them how awesome she was that she had invited them out. Imagine it along the lines of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. The total lack of self-awareness but remove the wide-eyed charm and install complete idiocy.

Now you have an idea what we're dealing with.

The group sits down and orders some drinks. The Boss In Charge (hereafter 'The Boss') says she wants to order some appetizers. The server mentions that we have appetizer platters for larger tables (it was about twelve people) and The Witch tells her to bring two of them. Drinks are served, apps are served, the whole time The Boss is going on about how awesome she is and how amazing the work she does for Dillard's is and how they're lucky to have her. Meanwhile, the rest of the table looks like a POW camp. Nobody wants to be there. Nobody is laughing. Nobody is having fun. They've clearly had to put up with The Boss for far too long, but she's their boss.

She continues yapping for about 45 minutes then decides it's time to go and asks for the check. The server brings the check and The Witch hands her a credit card. The server runs the card and returns the book with the card. The Boss opens the book, actually looks at the price, and goes freaking nuts because it's about $150.

Keep in mind, we're a real restaurant with real food made by real chefs in a freaking top-tier resort hotel and she just ordered drinks and appetizers for a group of twelve and is TOTALLY SHOCKED that it was just over $10 per person. 'Why didn't you tell me how much those platters cost?' 'I did ma'am, I told you it was five appetizers for the price of four on our menu.' 'Well, why don't you have the platters on your menu? THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISING! I WORK AT DILLARD'S I KNOW FALSE ADVERTISING! WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER?!??!?'

Fast forward A FREAKING HOUR LATER and The Boss is still there. Her freaking employees are looking like PTSD is creeping in. The two servers that were closing can't leave the room where the party was because she would berate them when they tried, which means they couldn't sign off on my sidework so I was stuck there too... and my manager...

My freaking manager...

Was kissing her butt.

And it was beautiful.

He was basically making her eat crap and love it. He was that kind of manager. There's a certain level of sarcastic smarmy jerk that, to the ears of a piece of worthless trash, sounds like a total taint-tonguing but to anyone that actually has a brain cell still functioning comes across as the snide and crass insult. To cut out an hour of bullcrap and get to the GOOD part he had finally knocked half off the price just to get her out of there. She was haranguing on the fact that, 'This is too much money for what we had! Dillard's won't pay for it! I'll get in trouble!' Okay, fine. We'll eat it just to get you out of here. Oh, by the way, here's where you can leave a comment for our hotel management. Please do so if you're displeased.

She did.

Forget the servers, the food, the manager, freaking everything. After we knocked the price down so she wouldn't get in trouble.


Our manager was called to the hotel VP's office and told to give his side of the story.

He did.

In detail.

Turns out our hotel VP trusted our manager as much as we did in the restaurant (CURSE YOU FOR LEAVING US).

It also turns out that he belonged to the same country club as the Dillard's Regional Manager.

And our manager had enough forethought to keep a copy of the receipt with her name on"

Oh, You Have The Box?
Oh, You Have The Box?

"I used to work at Papa Murphy's and one day I was working a morning shift during the summer. We were short staffed so I usually worked alone. The phone starts ringing so I answer it. Here's how the conversation on the phone went:

Me: Hi, thanks for calling Papa Murphy's on street name, how may I help you?

Customer: Hi, I ordered a vegetarian pizza from you guys last night and you put some chicken on it.

Me: Oh, sorry for the inconvenience. If you have the receipt and come in and show me proof of purchase I'll gladly remake the pizza for you.

Customer: Well I threw the receipt away and we already ate most of the pizza.

Me: Well I can't give you another pizza without proof of purchase. I can give you some free coupons if you'd like.

Customer: Free coupons? That's all you can do?? I have the box right in front of me and I can bring it in to show you that we bought a pizza from you.

Me: A box? Papa Murphy's doesn't typically use boxes because we're a take and bake chain.

Lady hung up the phone after that and didn't come in- People are so dumb"

This Is Elementary School Science
This Is Elementary School Science

"I worked at Coldstone Creamery one summer and loved the job through and through. Best job ever. I lived in a desert town and people were so stoked to be getting something to cool off that they didn't even complain about long lines or anything.

One day, a girl came in and ordered an item that had hot fudge. I would always mix in the other ingredients and put the fudge over top of it so that it wouldn't melt the ice cream. She requested specifically that I mix in the fudge. I hand her her order, and she looks at it and says, shocked, 'It's all melted.'

I say I'm sorry, I can remake it and just pour the fudge over the top. She says please remake it, but still mix in the fudge. I point out we're probably going to be having the same conversation in about two minutes about how hot things melt ice cream, but she insists.

I redo her order the way she requested. She looks at it again and, predictably enough, complains that it's melted. I say I'm sorry, but I am unable to keep hot things from making ice cream melt. This hag tells me 'no offense,' but she would rather have a coworker remake it.

I get my manager and explain what's happening. He offers to remake it. You can guess what happened.

After the third bowl of melted ice cream doesn't meet her approval, she says she maybe just wants a different item. The manager says he's not giving her a fourth item if she only paid for one. So she demands her money back. He says no, so she calls us both jerks and storms out"

There Are Starving Kids In Dippin' Dots
There Are Starving Kids In Dippin' Dots

"A guy once came up to me at work (a Dippin' Dots stand. Yes, those still exist), and asked for a large vanilla and chocolate dots for his sons.

Me: [starts putting together]

Guy: No, I don't want them together, I want them in 2 cups

Me: OK, that will be $12

Guy: No, it should be $6

Me: you ordered 2, which makes it $12

Guy: But I didn't order 2, I ordered 1

Me: No sir, you asked for 2 larges, 1 vanilla, and 1 chocolate

Guy: [groans] No, I asked for 1, but I want in 2 cups because my kids hate it when the flavors touch each other

Me: sir, I'm not allowed to split the cups in one order

Guy: [just as my boss comes to my station to restock the freezer] Where is your manager?

My boss: [comes up] I'm right here what do you need?

Guy: [now yelling] I wanted an order of vanilla and chocolate and wanted to split it into 2 cups for my kids, but your thick-headed worker wouldn't let me! Are you going to help me or not?!

My boss: [suddenly angry] I would have gotten you an extra cup from Dairy Queen if you acted nicely, but then you had to start acting rude and insult my workers! Now, are you going to take the cup or not?

Guy: Fine! Now my kids are going to freak out and starve! I hope you're happy! [slams down $6 and angrily walks off]

I'm surprised he didn't have a wife with him wearing THAT haircut."

Just Saying...
Just Saying...

"I worked at a chain pizza place and had a lady call saying she wanted free food because she ordered a pizza the night before and it made her husband sick.

I told her that if I ordered food from somewhere that made me sick I probably wouldn't order again but I'd be glad to send her a new order if she paid for it"

Good Guy Cop To The Rescue
Good Guy Cop To The Rescue

"I am a bakery owner. We have a policy in my bakery that police, firefighters, EMTs, etc get their first item free. So, if a cop comes in for a slice of pie and a drip coffee, we'll charge him a buck for the coffee and he gets the pie for free. If a paramedic comes in and wants a half dozen donuts, we'll only charge him for 5. Only thing is, you have to have proof.

Most people take advantage of it when they're on the clock/just got off. So, we usually don't even bother asking them because they're wearing their uniforms. However, everyone has some sort of ID that they can flash when they're not, so it's a non-issue.

One day we had a cop come through, full uniform, and we gave him a slice of cake and a latte. He's one of our regulars, so I talk to him for a bit. He asks after my business partner. I ask about what his shifts been like, the usual. He goes to sit down and this couple in casual clothes asks why he was only charged $3. I tell them our policy, and they tell me one of them is a cop and the other is a detective in a small city in our state. I tell them that's nice. However, we only have it open to people that work in our city and the surrounding areas.

They freak out like absolutely lose their minds. 'It's so unfair! You're being biased against us for no reason!' They then demand to speak to the manager. I tell them I'm the owner. They insist that there's no way I could be and tell me I'm lying. They then demand to see the real manager. This goes on for a bit, until finally my cop buddy stands up, and asks to see their badges. They both sputter about it for a minute or two, and he firmly asks to see them, again.

Neither one of them had their badges on them. He asks to see any ID proving that they are what they say they are. They have none. He looks at me and says, 'They're lying about who they say they are, and I sure as heck suggest you don't serve them.' They scurried out with their tails between their legs"

Manager Knows Best
Manager Knows Best

"I used to work at McDonald's. A woman came in and ordered a Big Mac, fries, and a drink. So, I put her order in as a Big Mac combo since it is cheaper than getting those three things separately. She then proceeded to scream at me claiming that I am ripping her off and charging her for something she didn't even order. My manager then proceeded to simply charge her for those 3 things separately and she ended up paying more."

Anything Else?
Anything Else?

"This story is fairly recent, as it occurred a few days ago. This time, I happened to be working the drive-thru window, as the cashier/food bagger at a popular chicken chain restaurant. It was almost that wonderful time of night where we closed; a time I no longer had to deal with customers. We were pretty slow at that time, but one car happened to show up in the drive thru.

A coworker starts taking the order, nothing out of the ordinary. Until he asks the final question, 'Anything else?' As I wasn't wearing a headset, I had no idea how they responded, but my fellow worker turns to me and says, 'Brace yourself, this may be rough.' The car rapidly screeches around the corner and stops at the window. I begin my usual scripted spiel but was quickly cut off by three individuals.

'The guy who took our order had the absolute worst attitude I have ever heard in my life. So disrespectful.'

[Coworker] takes the time to explain by 'Anything else?' he meant like sauces or extra napkins or whatever, but these people took it WAY too personally as an insult to their intelligence or whatever. This, my friends, is only the beginning. These people ordered 3 separate orders, all paid in cash. I have to repeat the order back to them each time, and I could tell they were getting more and more irritated as I politely carried on. There was a total of three drinks, one per meal, but I noticed that there also was a cup of ice added to the last one as well. I handed the first three out, but as I held out the cup of ice, the woman driving the car glared at me with the intensity of 1000 soccer moms who were accidentally given coke zero instead of diet coke.

'I didn't order no fourth drink! Take it back!' She screeched.

'You do realize that this is a cup of ice right? Someone must have ordered it.' I replied.

'Oh yeah, that's mine.'

What? I even repeated that part back, but obviously, their time was far more valuable than the lowly service worker such as I. These mental gymnastics severely overworked their collective composition of a singular brain cell. From there, I chose to ignore them by hanging out away from the window by the food bagging area. I tidy up their three individual orders, making sure the bags are well stocked with requested sauces, and carry them over to the window. It took maybe 30 seconds (I've been doing this thing for about 2 years), but that apparently was far too long for them to wait. They snatch the food out of my hand and they do that thing where they dig around the bag making sure I didn't mess it up. One cusses me out:

'Hey idiot, you forgot the sriracha sauce.'

It appeared that they didn't order that sauce according to the register, but whatever. I put on my friendliest face and kindly give them the sauce. As the car begins to pull away, the lady in the back yells:

'Bug off, [coworker]. And [my name], you did a great job...Wait, no, actually I changed my mind, forget you especially.'

Coworker pokes his head out the window and yells back, 'Have a great day! Never come back!'

Now, who had the worst attitude again?"

So Much Face Palm
So Much Face Palm

"I used to work in the produce department of a popular grocery store with a policy that had a 'fresh food guarantee' it was either fresh, or you got a refund.

One Customer got a refund and a replacement for 4 or 5 pears. Only thing is he didn't bring the actual pears back. Nor did he have a receipt. Instead, he had a photo of a half-rotten pear on his phone.

He succeeded in this scam with the same photo twice. It would've been three times if the store manager hadn't stepped in to talk him down.

Once at the same store, a customer rang up saying that she had found a shard of glass in her pre-packed salad. Pretty concerning. I didn't take the call myself, but when my supervisor hung up, she looked baffled. She explained that the customer found the glass, put it to the side, and then ate the rest of the salad anyway because they were hungry. However, the customer still wanted a refund because it 'could have been dangerous.' She shows up to the store with the empty salad container, the piece of glass, and the receipt. She gets her refund and walks out; this could've resulted in a product recall or health investigation or something if higher management caught wind of it, but nothing ever came of it because she was happy to have her $4.50"

So Many Science Fails By This Customer
So Many Science Fails By This Customer

"Customer orders a bowl of soup to go. We are very busy, and currently out of the type of soup she ordered. I tell her it will be a significant wait, as it takes at least ten minutes to heat up the soup. She agrees. Two minutes later she asks me where her soup is. Two minutes later, she asks again. I get frustrated and tell her we'll put it in the microwave. Two minutes later, same deal. 'Where's my soup?'

'It's in the microwave, ma'am, but it will take a little longer.'

'Make the microwave go faster!'


Well, whatever. I pull it a little early, and it's still cold, but at this point, I don't care, so I portion out her soup.

Our to-go soup containers were taller and narrower than the in-house bowls, which were flat and wide; the volume of soup remained consistent between the two containers. I know this because the portion size was two ladles, regardless of container.

I bring this customer her soup, and she immediately protests that I didn't give her enough soup. She doesn't want to pay the same price for less soup, just because she's taking it to go.

I attempt to explain the concept of conservation, which is typically grasped around age 7, to this grown woman. She stares at me the entire time with this suspicious look on her face like she thinks I'm trying to pull a fast one on her. 'But the bowls in the store are bigger.'

She eventually takes her soup.

Shows back up half an hour later.

'It's cold.'

I don't work there anymore."

Dining Room Diva
Dining Room Diva

"So, I work in a restaurant that has both a dining room and a large bar. You can order food in both, but the dining room and kitchen both close about an hour to two hours before the bar does. We are supposed to warn guests coming in right before the dining room and kitchen close that they have a limited time to order.

Last night, a couple comes in ten minutes before the dining room and kitchen close. I've waited on this couple a few times before: wife is always kind of annoying and I think a little unhinged, but the husband is extremely patient with her shortness (she's rude to both him and the servers) and usually pays and tips OK. I can deal with the rudeness, especially when he's being apologetic and compensates appropriately for it, so figure no big deal, if they opt to stay I'll take them and let the other closer leave. I greet them at the host stand let them know about the kitchen and dining room closing but also tell them that the bar is open for drinks until 2:00. This is when the crazy lady (who I will name CL) starts to flip out on me.

CL: 'You mean to tell me all of these people are going to be out of here in ten minutes?'

(Gestures to the two tables seated behind me, one who has been cashed out for an hour and the other one waiting for me to go run their card - I was on my way to the computer when she walked in.)

Me: (seeing where this is going and knowing management will have to cave to some of her craziness at some point anyways) 'No, not necessarily, ma'am. Would you like to sit in the dining room?'

CL: 'Ummm...yeah, that's kind of why we're here.'

Me: 'Ok, no problem! Follow me.'

CL: (As we approach the nearest booth) 'We're not off to a very good start, are we? You're going to need to change your attitude. Back there you sounded just a little rude.'

(holds up finger and thumb for emphasis) 'Is that OK with you?'

I honestly don't remember what I said to her at that point, but I was able to get both of their orders pretty much ASAP (husband was apologetic as he could be without outright saying, 'Sorry my wife is so unbearable') and she sat down and played Farmville (what year is it) on her phone without speaking until another couple comes in 15 minutes after the kitchen and dining room are closed. I

let them know we are closed for food, but the bar is still open. CL hears me and as I'm facing the new customers at the door I can hear her literally shrieking to her husband behind me.

CL: 'She just said it again!!!!! Did you hear her?! That is so rude! She said it again! She said the kitchen was closed! We need to leave! She is so rude!' (not sure what husband is saying, but can hear him talking to her) 'NO. Let's go!! I'm done!'

I start to turn around and the husband is already behind me, asking for the check and a couple of boxes. He tells me he's sorry, they'll get out of our hair, etc. I tell him not to worry about it and grab the boxes and check. She boxes everything as hastily as she can and gets up and leaves in a huff. Husband leaves the check presenter on the table (one way I can tell they're definitely in a hurry to get out - besides her freak out - is they don't even ask me to run their rewards card, something they usually make a huge to-do about every time they come in), with cash and an over 20% tip in it.

Grateful for his patience, but I ended up having to stay super late cleaning up after them, anyways. When the kitchen is closed, it's closed - it's not the server's fault!"

Throat Closing Good
Throat Closing Good

"I was working in a frozen yogurt shop and a customer requested that I 'surprise' her with my choice of flavor and add-ons as well as the size.

I created a medium chocolate topped with granola and rainbow sprinkles. She looked it over and said it was too small, too crunchy, unattractive, and oh, by the way, she was allergic to chocolate!"

Management Level Ice Cream Cone
Management Level Ice Cream Cone

"I work at the Golden Arches and today I had two teenagers come in. One of them orders an ice cream cone and in the kid's own words, 'A really good one.' I was feeling good today, so I was like, 'K fam, I gotcha.' I grab a cone and make literally the perfect ice cream cone, like one that would get me promoted to management, perfect swirls, correct portions, the whole package.

Then I noticed that one of the guys pulled out his phone and looked like he was filming something. I handed the cone to the kid that ordered it, and the idiot slammed his hand on top of it and snatched it from me, splattering ice cream all over my hand and all over the front counter. They stayed there for a few moments to capture reactions of myself and the lunch crowd. Then they ran off before I could do anything about it"

Kill With Kindness And Cold Soup
Kill With Kindness And Cold Soup

"I worked at a 'Healthy' fast food place (nothing grilled, deep fried etc. Wraps, rice/noodle bowls, salads etc).

Anyway, we open at 7:30 am. At 7:40 am a woman walks in and wants to order lunch for her and her boyfriend. Ok, no problem. People usually stop by before work to grab a salad or whatever.

First, she asks for two bowls with a quinoa base. Sure. Then she orders two soups. I told her ok, but the broths aren't warm yet as they haven't had a chance to heat up. She says it's fine, as long as they can be microwaved. I tell her that will work and remind her to do it for a little longer as the noodles will take a bit to heat up. So, with said instructions, she pays and leaves.

20 minutes later the store phone rings and I answer to some guy YELLING that I served his girlfriend cold soup. Pardon? He repeats it, loudly. So I told him that A) they were ordered literally 10 minutes after we opened B) that I had informed his girlfriend that they would not be warm, but could be microwaved for lunch.

He continues to yell at me, saying it's bad business etc. After about 4 minutes of his verbal s---, I told him...again, that the soup can be warmed and that he might want to talk to his girlfriend as, again, she was told the soup was cold.

He demands a refund and in my best 'kill them with kindness' voice that I would be more than happy to give him a refund if he can come in at his earliest convenience.

Never came in. Never called back.

He must have talked to his girlfriend."

Is This Cheese Dairy-Free?
Is This Cheese Dairy-Free?

"I worked at a popular cafe so we got stupid stuff all the time. Here are my two favorites:

I once had a man flag me down and start shouting about this 'weird worm' in his pie. I took a quick look at the pie and noticed it was actually a piece of onion. After a couple of minutes of calming the man down, I ask him what sort of pie he ordered. He'd ordered beef and onion. He had me freaking swap his half eaten beef and onion pie for another beef and onion pie because of it.

Another time I was delivering a large tray of food to a table. Everything going fine, just a couple sandwiches etc. As I'm about to walk away the older guy at the table grabs my attention. The conversation went like this:

Guy: 'Is this [cheese sandwich] dairy free?'

Me: 'As far as I'm aware we don't do dairy free cheese, so no'

Guy: 'No, no, no, I mean does it have any milk products in it'

Me: 'Yes, it has cheese and butter in it'

Guy: 'Well, can you bring me it back without the dairy products?'

Me: 'You want your cheese sandwich without any dairy products?'

Him: 'Yes'

I promptly returned it to my manager, let her know the situation and said, 'Good luck figuring that one out'"

She Wasn't Wrong Persay...
She Wasn't Wrong Persay...

"At my workplace, we have an open seating concept. As in, you enter, sit wherever you like, and the server will bring the menu over to you.

Today, I had one table reserved for a site visit by a company who would potentially be hosting an event here. So I had the silverware, menu, etc all arranged neatly on the table, everything ready and well-presented. Additionally, the table also had a sign that read 'RESERVED.'

I was the only server today as we expected a generally slow day (it wasn't!). A couple walks in and immediately the gentleman goes to the restroom. I tell the lady to take a seat wherever she likes and that I'll bring the menu over to her shortly.

After serving another table, I go and grab two menus to bring over to her... And where is she seated? On the table that I have reserved for our VIP guests.

I go to her and say, 'I'm sorry ma'am, but this table is reserved,' to which she responds, 'Well you told me I could sit anywhere'"

Easy, Expert Upgrades For The Things That Bother You The Most About Your Home Easy, Expert Upgrades For The Things That Bother You The Most About Your Home
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