Welcome to our Food Truck Friday Feature! This week we're going to be checking out Fukuburger --- and no, this isn't a clever pun building on the classic swear word.

Voted Las Vegas's Best Burger, Fukuburger is named after co-owner Colin Fukunaga. As the legend has it, Fukunaga grew up flipping burgers in his grandfather's sandwich shop and was looking for a new line of work. His mother saw the sharp rise in popularity of taco trucks in L.A., yet Fukunaga had no interest in tacos; he did, however, have a lot of experience with burgers. Through a marriage of west coast style burgers and Japanese flavors, Fukuburger Truck was born --- as a side note, it's probably one of the coolest food trucks you'll ever see.

But enough about the history of this oh-so-delicious establishment, let's get into the meat of things (see what I did there?). Fukuburger features a simplified menu of 6 different sandwich offerings, a few sides, and two extra menu items, because why not? Let me be the first to tell you, whatever your burger preference, you won't be disappointed here.

Fancy a fried egg coupled with furikake and crispy onion strings on your burger? Look no further, the Tamago is a match made in heaven.

How about more of a tangy twist? Topped with applewood-smoked bacon, red ginger and Japanese BBQ sauce, the Buta will leave you begging for more.

Or maybe you're more in the mood for something fresh with a bit of a kick. Pickled cucumbers, avocado cream and habanero kabayaki are all you featured on the seriously awesome Karai burger.

Now, it would be downright criminal to have one of these mouth-savory burgers without a side of their famous Jazz Fries. Fukuburger takes their garlic fries, covers them with brown gravy, and adds what they call "crack sauce" to the mix. Needless to say, they're addicting.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, what's all the hype about their extras? After all, their website clearly says to trust them. We trust you, Mr. Fukunaga. Just take a look at the ridiculous Naga Dog --- a ? pound hot link topped with grilled kimchee, wasabi mayo, daikon relish, harinori and spicy kabayaki. We'll just let this do the talking.

At this point, you may be salivating on your keyboard --- which is ok, you're not alone. So, next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, be on the lookout for this to-die-for foodtruck. If waiting around for a food truck isn't your thing, you can always check out their brick-and-mortar location located in Vegas's Chinatown district. Happy eats, fellow foodies. And don't forget to #getlucky.

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