The Curry family is taking over the world! First, Steph Curry turned heads with his skills on the court, then Riley, his 3-year-old daughter, stole the spotlight at the cutest post-game press conference ever. Now Ayesha Curry, the matron of the clan, is proving that the whole family balls hard. She may not have much game on the court, but she totally rules the kitchen. And on top of all that, the 28-year-old self-taught chef is opening up a brand new restaurant in San Francisco and we couldn't be more excited!

The restaurant is a brainchild of Ayesha and chef Michael Mina. The two came together in the fall of 2016 to work on a pop-up restaurant called International Smoke. The short lived restaurant was only supposed to be open for three months, but it was such a hit that the timeframe was extended to six months. Hoping to capitalize on its popularity, the two decided to make it a permanent fixture on the ground level of San Fran's Millennium Tower. "Well... the word is out. I will be opening up my first restaurant in SF!!!," Ayesha wrote on an Instagram post announcing the big news. "I can't scream loud enough how grateful and humbled I am by this blessing! Thank you Jesus! It's been so hard to keep this to myself and I'm so happy to finally share the news."

International Smoke, like the name implies, will serve what Ayesha calls "light" barbecue. The menu from the pop-up is expected to carry over to the permanent installment: St. Louis pork ribs, Singapore-style black pepper barbecue lobster, slow-cooked char sui pork shoulder, and spicy merguez sausage served with purple potato salad, braised mustard greens and onion rings, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It's a mouthwatering selection, one that's sure to be an instant hit.

Ayesha might be self-taught, but that doesn't mean her skill are anything to scoff at. When International Smoke opens in the fall of this year, Ayesha will work with the kitchen staff as well as the operational team, showing that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. One of the chefs that worked with her on the pop-up restaurant, Adam Sobel, told the San Francisco Chronicle, "She cooks soulfully. It comes natural. She was a little worried in the beginning. But after one night of service, she was in her element." It may have been her first time in a professional setting, but it was far from the first time Ayesha found herself in charge of the kitchen.

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There's no doubt about it, Ayesha has a full plate on her hands. In addition to making plans for her new restaurant, she also published a cookbook, The Seasoned Life, last September and currently hosts her own cooking show on the Food Network called "Ayesha's Home Kitchen." Both the show and the book give a precious glimpse into the Curry family's home life. The Seasoned Life is not only full of simple, yet delicious, recipes, but little anecdotes about what it's like growing up Curry. "Ayesha's Home Kitchen" is currently in its second season and it's not unusual to find Ayesha's mom, grandma, sister, or friends on the show helping her out in the kitchen. In the Curry house, cooking is more than just a way to survive. It's a way to truly enjoy life. "I am a firm believer that food makes people feel something. It makes people feel good, warm and happy," she told People. "That's the most rewarding thing for me, when someone takes that first bite and I see a smile. It's probably the same adrenaline rush Steph gets when he plays a game."

Ayesha Curry is certainly living a charmed life. She not only has a loving husband and two ridiculously adorable little girls, Riley and Ryan, but an ever blossoming career in the culinary arts. Hopefully the food served at the new restaurant will be just as delicious as what was served at the pop-up. Heck, even if it's half as good, it'll still be a slam dunk.

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