For those of us without a washer and dryer in their home, the laundromat is a must. But honestly, who likes going to the laundromat? There's always a few questionable characters, screaming children running amuck, a severe lack of open dryers, and the real possibility that one of your favorite T-shirts will be ruined or stolen. But what if the laundromat could be an enjoyable experience? What if you could find sweet release from the monotony and annoyance of the laundromat through the world's oldest and favorite vice? No, we're not talking about sex here. Ladies and gentleman, we present you: Texas' Harvey Washbangers --- the only laundromat where you can enjoy a savory burger with a refreshing beer all while you wait for your laundry. Simply put, it's a match made in heaven.

So, where did this ingenious idea come from? None other than Michael Lair, the general manager of the Texas-based company. He set up 80 high-efficiency washers and dryers that take credit or debit cards, so no need to worry about grabbing a roll of quarters from the bank beforehand. Once your laundry is suddsing up, it's time to find a seat and relax in their full-service restaurant. And don't worry about having to set a timer either. A lightboard easily tells you when it's time to move things over to the dryer. Or, if you really want to pamper yourself, the wash-and-eat joint also offers a drop-off "wash and fold" service" as well.

Avoid the crowds and get that laundry knocked out before the weekend! All of our machines take credit/debit or our loyalty cards.

Posted by Harvey Washbangers on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Now to the real question...what is the food like? Well, considering Lair trained at the Culinary Institute of America, you can bet that it's delicious! The menu begins with simple yet indulgent fried apps, like the classic Southern Fried Green Tomatoes, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and housemade buttermilk dressing. On the meatier end, there's the Porkaholic Cheese Fries, smothered in root beer braised pulled pork, bacon, cheese, jalapenos and BBQ sauce.

When you get asked tonight - What's for dinner? (glad we could help)

Posted by Harvey Washbangers on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Moving on to the main attraction, all of the succulent burgers are all made with 100% Angus beef and served with Harvey Washbangers "no starch, single rinse, double-dunked fries," which as you could imagine, are delicious. From your basic no-frills burger to the flavor-explosive Cajun Burger featuring an andouille sausage/Angus beef mixed patty, pepper jack cheese and fried crawfish, there is sure to be a burger for everyone's liking. The menu also features a number of soups, salads, sandwiches, and loaded "dawgs", like the Jack'D Up Dawg, which is topped with smoked gouda, bacon, BBQ sauce and cracker jacks!

How do you take a great burger and make it even better? Trust us when we say it's all about the buns. Now proudly offering deliciousness from Slow Dough Bakery.

Posted by Harvey Washbangers on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Now, we couldn't just forget about the best part of this restaurant --- the booze! As their website boasts, "Nobody outdoes Texas in beer." They feature a modest list of rotating drafts, all highlighting fabulous craft beer from the area. Added to this is a much more extensive bottle and can list, as well as their large bottle/specialty list, together boasting over 60 hand-picked craft selections, again all pridefully made in The Lone Star State. And the best part? All of their packaged beer is available for carryout purchase as well.

11 Below brews on sale today. Come on in and getchya some!

Posted by Harvey Washbangers on Saturday, September 3, 2016

Well, there you have it folks. If you're lucky enough to live in Texas, laundry day just got a whole lot more enjoyable. And if you're not? Well, you may be in luck too! Harvey Washbangers is currently expanding, with plans for up to 5 franchises opening up across the country. So, grab some laundry, get hungry, and head down to Harvey Washbangers for a once in a lifetime laundry experience. If, after all this you're still not convinced, just watch this:

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