Are you sick and tired of downing sports drinks after working out? Maybe you're in the mood for something a little more...sour? Well, just in time for summer, there's a new, icy treat in town. Pickle Pops are the newest, coolest trend among athletes and exercise-minded people. Not only are Pickle Pops delicious, they also have other great benefits and are quickly gaining popularity in the sports world for their amazing, refreshing properties. Or, if you're as obsessed with pickle juice as we are (and not as much with intense workouts), you're definitely going to love these too.

More and more sporty folks are reaching for a frozen Pickle Pop when they finish up an especially intense workout. Though pickles are best known for their sour qualities, there's actually quite a bit of salt, too. That salty content actually acts like the electrolytes in Gatorade, which keeps athletes hydrated and ready for round two. In fact, one company that sells these Pickle Pops, Van Holten's, added in extra electrolytes to give people that extra boost of hydration while exercising. Turmeric was also added for its anti-inflammatory properties. There is even some anecdotal evidence, though it hasn't been proven as a fact, that Pickle Pops can even help soothe muscle cramps. From the beginning of the workout to the end, Pickle Pops are exactly what a hard working athlete needs.

But the real question is, how do these frozen pops compare to the real thing? Van Holten's vice president of sales and marketing, Eric Girard, told Today Food, "I would say it tastes as close to drinking straight-up pickle juice as you can."

Even though it seems like this pickle juice trend is just now taking off, in certain parts of the country (specifically Texas and other Gulf states), people have been giving into their pickle juice love for years according to Girard. In fact, in some places in the South, kids had been freezing pickle juice in Dixie cups for their own homemade version of Pickle Pops, which they often sold at high school sporting competitions, sometimes alongside pickle juice snowcones.

Yet Van Holten's isn't the first company in the US to sell these unique treats. Originally dreamed up by John Howard while he was at a skating rink in Texas, Bob's Pickle Pops are a foodie darling, especially after it was featured on the Food Network's "Chopped Junior" as a basket ingredient. This obviously sparked a lot of people's interest, as sales for the company jumped in the year following it's airing.

If you've just got to get your hands on some Pickle Pops, you're in luck! Van Holten's Pickle Pops will be available in Walmart stores nationwide in mid-July, while Bob's Pickle Pops already appear on the retailer's shelves. If you prefer to do your shopping from the comfort of your couch, you can also order both brands through Amazon, though they're much pricier online. In stores, you can pick up a pack (8-pack for Van Holten's and 6-pack for Bob's) for around $3, while on Amazon they retail for between $16-$20.

Pickle juice may not be for everyone, but if you're a fan, Pickle Pops are exactly what you need for summer, especially if there's a lot of intense working out in your future. And if you really want to give in to that pickle craving, you can also learn how to make Dill Pickle Soup, quench your thirst with Pickle Juice Soda, or "freshen" your breath with Dill Pickle Mints. The sky's the limit when it comes to how many things can be pickle flavored.

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