We all know that waiting tables ain't exactly a walk in the park. The hours are long, workplace accidents aren't all that uncommon, and, of course, there's the customers. Every server has a story about "that" customer, but the customer this waitress got stuck with was so bad, her behavior was enough to convince her boyfriend that it was time to call the relationship quits.

The evening started out alright when a group of 16 people came into the restaurant. They were needy, for sure, but everyone was patient and friendly. Everyone, that is, except for "Angie."

As the waitress was moving around the table, taking drink orders, Angie apparently didn't like the fact that she had to wait her turn. When the waitress came to her, Angie snapped, "Jesus, about time. People are thirsty."

Being a professional, the waitress ignored the attitude and continued around the table, collecting the last few drink orders. As she was turning to go and put the orders in, she heard Angie call out, "Excuse me miss, but where is my drink?" The waitress simply explained that she hadn't even left the table yet, but that the drinks would be there as soon as possible. Angie's boyfriend, Luis, apologized for her.

Then came the appetizer incident. A food runner came and dropped off the groups appetizers and Angie somehow managed to "accidentally" eat another member of the group's appetizer as it was set in front of her. When asked how she'd made such a mistake, she replied, "How am I supposed to know what I ordered?"

When Luis gently corrected her and told she hadn't even ordered an appetizer in the first place, Angie looked the waitress dead in the eye and said, "Well this dumb lady shouldn't have put it front of me if it wasn't mine!"

Never mind the fact that the waitress wasn't even the one who put the food out, name calling was super uncool of her, so Luis apologized again.

Finally, the group seemed like they were wrapping things up. Luis came up to the waitress and asked if she could just leave all the checks with him so they could sort everything out themselves. The waitress agreed and moved onto a different table. As she was chatting with the table, Angie stomped up to her and began telling her off for not distributing the checks herself. In a profanity-laced rant, she called the waitress lazy and ordered her to stop "talking to your friends" and get her tail back to their table and "do your job."

The waitress, probably wanting to avoid any more confrontations, went and got her manager to deal with Angie while she kept her distance. After they left, she went to their table and noticed that every single tip line was scratched out. She went outside and ran into a member of the group, who gathered the others so they could resign their checks. Clearly, this was Angie's doing. Luis and his brother approached the waitress, apologized one last time for the trouble Angie put her through, and gave her a $40 cash tip.

That's when Luis pulled Angie aside for a talk. No one could quite hear what he told her, but everyone in the restaurant, and probably everyone around the block, heard her response: "YOU'RE GONNA DUMP ME FOR SOME STUPID WAITRESS??? SCREW HER! SCREW YOU!! YOU'RE A DUMB JERK, TOO!" Sometimes, karma is almost too sweet.

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