Everybody orders a little differently, especially at "choose your own ingredients" places like Chipotle. In fact, some orders are so different that they beg the question: have we gone too far?

It all started when Josh Williams, a designer from California, posted about his admittedly unusual order from Chipotle. Instead of ordering his food as people usually do, he asked for the ingredients packed separately. Who even knew that was an option?!

His excuse? No one felt like cooking that night and Chipotle was a 45 minute drive away. With that sort of distance, any food he ordered would be soggy and gross by the time he got home, so the only thing to do was to get all the ingredients packed separately. Once he got home, he planned on assembling the food himself to avoid that soggy mess. In that sense, it was a fairly clever ploy to get the best meal possible.

Some people agreed that his idea was quite clever and weren't shy about voicing their support. One guy clearly thought it was a brilliant idea since he'd been in that position a time or two himself. Others even considered this a billion dollar idea, which just proves how smart it is.

Of course, there were others who not only thought it was weird, but stupid to boot. This being the internet, there was far more negative feedback than positive.

Some stated the obvious, like, why not just eat it there?

Then there were people who seemed to be offended on behalf of the poor Chipotle worker who got stuck with this order. Seriously, the workers there have that job for a reason, they know what they're doing, so why not just trust them to do right by you?

Former fast food workers weighed in and they seemed to agree: this guy was the worst sort of person to ever walk the Earth. Or at least walk into a Chipotle. Some even mentioned the ever feared concern about pissing off food workers, namely bodily fluids of some sort finding their way into the order. Not like that's even possible, since everything in Chipotle is assembled right in front of you, but the impossibility of it just makes it funnier.

Regardless of where you fall on this scale of impressed/irritated, we can probably all agree that this was perhaps the most extra food order of 2017 and the year is only half over! Let's tone it down a little, shall we?

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