Ordering a pizza, especially online or through an app, is supposed to be super easy, but mistakes still happen. Like when the mom of B.J. Stead, the guitarist for the band Miss May I, tried to order Dominos pizza using the app for the first time. She probably thought she did exactly it right, but when the pepperoni pizza she ordered showed up, it was missing two little, insignificant things: cheese and sauce.

Somehow, during the ordering process, the mom had accidentally ordered a pizza without the two key ingredients that make a pizza a pizza, as opposed to whatever the heck this is. When they got it, they had to have been so disappointed.

B.J. posted a photo of the disappointing, non-pizza on his Twitter account, and it was a pretty good move. Most companies nowadays have some sort of social media presence and Twitter is a great way for consumers and companies to stay in touch. Dominos did reach out to B.J., but their response was lackluster, to say the least.

Uh, that doesn't exactly fix the problem. Sure, it might be helpful for making future orders, but what are they supposed to eat for dinner? That round piece of bread with burnt pepperoni? We think it's safe to call this response a swing and a miss.

Luckily, there was another company more than willing to help them out. DiGiorno, a longtime enemy of delivery pizza, was probably thrilled to see one of the biggest pizza delivery businesses catching some flack. They popped into the Twitter thread as if they had just been waiting for an opportunity like this one.

DiGiorno came on the scene with a new proposition. If B.J.'s mom deleted the Dominos app, DiGiorno would come through for them in a big way. They even offered to include sauce and cheese in the deal, which was awfully generous of them.

Sure enough, a little under a week from the original post, DiGiorno sent B.J. and his family a handwritten letter and, even better, coupons for 10 free pizzas! It's nice to know that there are companies out there willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy, even if they weren't the company that made them unhappy in the first place.

A lot of businesses out there could learn from DiGiorno's model for dealing with customers. We don't want to name names...but Dominos should probably start taking notes. For now, B.J.'s mom isn't going to abandon Dominos fully, though she does say that she'll likely stick to more traditional forms of ordering from now on.

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