Spongebob Looks A Bit Different...

Poor Spongebob Squarepants must have been in a terrible accident. Maybe that's how he lost his eye. We have to say, Spongebob Cyclops just doesn't have the same ring to it. Yet what's creepier, his missing eye or his super long buck teeth?

All Corn, No Dog

This corn dog is missing a little something. Seriously, how is that even possible? You'd think there would be someone working in the factory whose job it was to make sure that things like this never, ever happen. Without the dog part of the corn dog, you might as well just stick to regular old corn bread!

What A Bountiful Harvest

This tiny strawberry and lemon would make the perfect glass of (tiny) strawberry lemonade, if only you could figure out how to squeeze a lemon of that size. It's the perfect summertime treat for hamsters to sip on when the days grow hot.

Well, At Least There's SOME Chocolate

It looks nothing like the box, but take some comfort in the fact that there was at least an attempt to fill this sad little Twinkie. Looking at it next to the box, though, just makes it look all that much sadder.

Well, That's A Let Down

Why go through the trouble of making a lollipop with the face of a panda on it when the wrapper can just do all the hard work for you? That's apparently what the makers of this deceitful sucker had in mind when they unleashed this slick trick on the unsuspecting public.

How'd That Sneak In There?

Cross contamination! Or maybe sabotage? What else could explain the presence of a Sour Patch Kid in a Swedish Fish package? Maybe the little guy got in trouble with the Sour Patch Mafia and they sent him to swim with the fishes...

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Whoever bought this lemon must have been so excited to get home and cut it open. They must have thought they reached the ultimate lemon jackpot. Sadly, no such jackpot exists and the only prize they took home that day was a rind to end all rinds.

Dora's Gone Through Some Changes

It's been a long time since Dora has been the top dog in the world of children's entertainment, but who would have expected this from her? It's obvious that the years have been especially difficult for our favorite pint-sized explorer. Pull yourself together, Dora!

That Should Be Enough Shrimp...

Wow, only one piece of shrimp for all of that ramen? That's got to be a crime. That teeny, tiny little shrimp won't even last past the very first bite. In fact, if you sneeze, you might accidentally knock it out of the cup and it'll be gone for good.

They Decided To Skimp On Chocolate

Maybe it was an honest mistake, maybe it was to save money on exorbitant chocolate costs, but whatever the cause behind it, this particular package got totally skimpy with the chocolate drizzle. They might as well have just bought a pack of plain rice krispie treats to save themselves the disappointment.

There's An Echo Chamber In This Bread

Ok, so this loaf is missing approximately 50% of the bread that loafs of bread usually come with. Better hide this from Oprah, she would go into a full-blown melt down over this crime to baked deliciousness.

Not-So-Happy Face

Uh-oh...looks like someone turned this sucker's smile upside down. Maybe he guessed that his ultimate fate was to be eaten by some kid. Who could possibly blame him for feeling a bit let down with the lot he drew in life? Cheer up, buddy!

Strawberry Fields...In Your Nightmares

Even though they look totally deformed, at least these strawberries probably still taste delicious. Hey, sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or, in this case, in the mouth of the eater. Just close your eyes when you eat these and maybe they won't haunt your dreams.

No Nuts, No Problem

Sure, brownies are delicious on their own, but when the package says they come with nuts, it better come with nuts. Seriously, that's false advertisement. What a substantial disappointment.

Who Knew Freeform Corn Was A Thing?

It's obvious that this ear of corn likes to groove to the beat of its own drum. What else could explain those huge, mish-mashed kernels? Seeing it side-by-side with a regular ear of corn just makes it look that much more alien. Almost like someone kinda knew what corn looked like and this was their first attempt at making it themselves.

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