Lynn Doesn't Play Games, She Just Wins Them


Lynn Doesn't Play Games, She Just Wins Them

"I worked at a local Cold Stone Creamery when I was a kid. This shop was owned by a family who had kids in my high school, so I was pretty close with the owners. On a particularly busy afternoon, I was whipping up someone's ice cream when I overheard things getting heated at the cash register. One of our owners, Lynn, was working there and an upset woman was complaining about the price of her order. Lynn broke down each item and how much everything would be after tax. The customer responded that she deserved a discount and if she didn't get one, she would be calling her good friends, who owned this establishment. Lynn calmly said, 'I'm Lynn and I own this establishment. Please leave.' I've never seen someone turn red so fast."

His Calm Facade Soon Gave Way To Destructive Behavior


His Calm Facade Soon Gave Way To Destructive Behavior

"I used to work as a bagger and cashier at the local grocery store during high school. One day, a man walked in with a coupon for $2 off of a $6 chicken. After explaining to him that the coupon was expired and that I could not accept it, he calmly said, 'Oh really? Well, I'll get it anyway.' A couple hours later, one of my coworkers came running in yelling that everyone's tires were flat. We reviewed the surveillance footage, which showed him walking outside, throwing the chicken into the air, freaking the heck out, and slashing everyone's tires. He ended up having to pay all of the damages and was no longer allowed near any of the employees."

The Look On His Face When They Threatened To Call The Cops Over His Antics Was Priceless

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The Look On His Face When They Threatened To Call The Cops Over His Antics Was Priceless

"I am a retail manager at a store that has a really crappy price match policy. There are a few things we will not match, one of those is when you need to use a loyalty card to get the deal.

I had an older gentleman come in and try to price match five bottles of Pepsi. We sold them for $1.50 and a competitor sold them for $1. We couldn't match the price because the competitor deal needed their loyalty card.

This is where it went from zero to crazy in three seconds. The guy grabbed one of the bottles, started to open it, and said, 'Well, if you won't match it, I guess I have to pour this pop over your register, what are you going to do then?' followed by a smirk.

I kept my cool, didn't miss a beat, and said, 'Ok, I am going to have to call the cops then.'

He got super upset and couldn't understand why I would call the cops on him and I tried to explain that he just threatened to vandalize the store's property. After he understood, he walked out.

All over $2.50."

She Was So Smug When She Thought She Was Going To Get Away With It


She Was So Smug When She Thought She Was Going To Get Away With It

"I'm at the grocery store and walk up to the express lane to find myself in the middle of a confrontation. The blonde at the counter was yelling at the cashier, 'Just shut up and do your job. If you'd just scan the items, we'd be done by now.' I looked, and she had way over the eight-item limit.

I piped up, 'What's the matter, sweetie? Can't count to eight? You must be a real blonde.' Well, she went off on me, trying to justify clogging up the express lane. I just replied, 'The limit is there for a reason. Why should I have to wait just because you think you're special?'

Well, there was a guy between the two of us, and it turns out that he's her boyfriend. And he starts to get all puffy, defending his girl.

I looked him right in the eye, and said, 'To that cashier,' pointing at the blonde, 'She's just another bad customer. To me, she's just a momentary source of amusement. We'll probably both forget all about her in a day or two. But you, pal, you get to go home with her. So, tell me who's looking at the fuzzy end of this lollipop?'

He had his back to her, but the look of deflation on his face was priceless. And the cashier must have been a little rattled as well, because I believe she neglected to scan an item or two of my purchase."

His Verbally Abusive Calls Got Old Real Fast

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His Verbally Abusive Calls Got Old Real Fast

"I used to be a manager at a pizza shop and we had a customer that would order the same pizza, the same way, more than three times a week, and always called back to complain about it. He would always complain about the crust being too thick, but he didn't like the thin crust, and nothing we ever tried was good enough for him.

We had given him a bunch of free pizzas and discounts and whatnot up to this point, trying to retain him as a customer, but he called back in a rage one night when I was the only manager there. It went a little something like this:

Him: 'I need to speak to a manager.'

Me: 'I am a manager, sir. What can I do for you tonight?'

Him: 'You are a manager?'

Me: 'Yes sir.'

Him: 'No wonder. I order pizza from this overpriced crap stain multiple times a week and you always screw up my pizza. The crust is always too thick, and you just aren't smart enough to figure out how to fix it.'

Me: 'Sir, I'm aware of the situation. If our pizza really isn't to your liking, maybe you should consider trying something else.'

Him: 'Maybe you should be fired because you're absolutely terrible at your job. I don't even know why they let women out of the house, and you're allowed to be a manager? You are so worthless, you can't even make a pizza right. Maybe you should go home and let the men do the work. You'd probably make a better streetwalker than anything.'

I then proceeded to very calmly tell him we would no longer be accepting his business and told him to screw off. I called my general manager to let him know, who then congratulated me for it and told me he wished he could've done it himself."

The Epic Saga Of Cheese Lady And How She Finally Got What Was Coming To Her


The Epic Saga Of Cheese Lady And How She Finally Got What Was Coming To Her

"I got laid off from my first job after college and took a job at a grocery store deli to make ends meet. It was awful, but my coworkers were good people.

There was this one dumpy, soccer mom who came in several times a week to get stuff for her kids and just thought she was the queen of the castle. She treated every employee like crap, always acted impatient, and complained about everything, even though everyone was nice to her. One day, she asked for two pounds of white American cheese, so I started slicing and told her I would have to split the order into two bags because it wouldn't fit right into one bag. She said, 'No, just don't use any paper and make it fit into one.' So, I did, and the bag was all swollen and the cheese looked all messed up, just like I said it would be. I rang her up, she took the bag, looked at it, looked at me, opened the bag, and threw two pounds (about $16) worth of cheese on the floor and stormed off.

She later came back and insisted my manager slice her cheese, all the while berating me, calling me incompetent, and my manager incompetent for not having better employees. I came really close to snapping, but afterwards my manager told me that I was just doing what she asked and not to worry about it because the woman was insufferable and always acted like that. So, I avoided her from then on.

A year later, I got a new job and put in my notice at the deli. I came in for my last day of work and was about halfway through the day when that same lady came in to buy cheese. I asked my manager if I could leave early since it was my last day. She said yes, then I thanked her for being a good boss and all that. I told her I had to help one last customer. I then suggested she go to the back. She looked confused and then saw the cheese lady and the look on my face. She grinned a little and went back to the office. I greeted cheese lady with a huge grin, 'Hello ma'am, how are you this fine afternoon?'

'I want two pounds of white American cheese and see if you can figure out how to do it right this time since they haven't replaced you yet for some reason.'

I casually sliced four slices of cheese into the palm of my hand, looked around to make sure no one was watching, leaned across the counter as though I was offering it to her, and slung the cheese into her face. It smacked against the center of her pie-hole and stuck there momentarily until she reached up and flung it away. Her eyes were so big I thought her head would explode. She started breathing hard, stammering, trying to figure out what to say, when I interrupted and casually said, 'I have watched you treat everyone in this place like crap for the last year and a half. Slice your own cheese, you ugly witch.'

I hadn't planned on going that far with it, but it happened. She started to yell and scream for a manager, so my manager came out. The cheese lady demanded I be fired on the spot, so I just said, 'I quit,' and skipped out the door.

Went back there a month later to see people and they said the cheese lady still came in for cheese and had stopped giving them crap. They also said she stood way back from the counter and would not approach until her cheese was in a bag."

They Had No Idea He Wasn't Sober Until He Slurred Out This Gem

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They Had No Idea He Wasn't Sober Until He Slurred Out This Gem

"I worked at an Italian restaurant and had a family come in. They seemed pretty normal, and I served the dad three, maybe four glasses of a nice red. Little did I know, he was toasted. He paid for dinner and took the 'merchant' receipt that had my tip on it.

Normally, I could just turn in the customer receipt and the managers were fine with it, but there was always extra work involved around it, so I managed to catch him before he left the restaurant and politely informed him he'd left me the wrong copy, and if he could just trade me, I would be grateful.

I was at the host stand of the place doing this, and he seemed very confused by the situation. Then he started getting very very angry. He finally figured it out, but not before yelling at me in front of a lot of people, 'This is incompetence on your part,' followed by him signing the receipt and docking me half my tip.

My manager came up right after and asked what it was all about, and I told him. He told me next time to just let it go. It was always a joke afterward when something would go wrong that it was, 'Incompetence on your part!'"

She Couldn't Understand Why Her Food Was Cold By The Time She Got Home


She Couldn't Understand Why Her Food Was Cold By The Time She Got Home

"For many years, I was the night manager at a pizza/hoagie shop in a small college town. I heard everything you can imagine from customers. I would call people on their nonsense daily, it relieved stress. One call that stands out is the young girl that picked up her half cheese steak sub and walked to her dorm during winter months. She called in to complain about how it was now cold. My response was, 'You're kidding, right?'

She said, 'No.' So I asked if she tried to keep it warm by putting it inside her coat. Again, 'No.' When she requested a new one to be sent up by a delivery driver, I laughed very loudly and then explained how poor insulators paper bags and tin foil were, with it being thirty degrees outside. She did not get a new product. When it comes to food service, the customer is not always right."

She Was Already Terrible, Then She Just Had To Start Dropping Racial Slurs

Tracy Whiteside/Shutterstock

She Was Already Terrible, Then She Just Had To Start Dropping Racial Slurs

"Ahh, my glorious days as a cashier at an A&P. It was a busy Saturday evening, and I was serving people as quickly as I possibly could. Then a human hippo and her five children come in and ruin my evening.

This woman did not even attempt to control her children. They were running around, knocking stuff over, and just causing chaos.

They came to my lane to check out about $200 dollars worth of food. I scanned the items as quickly as possible and then one of her little brats jumps on my back. I was enraged at this point. I can handle insults, but not contact.

I flung the little brat off my back out of sheer instinct. He hit the floor and started crying. Then Ms. Hippo came and started cursing me out for making her little angel cry. She started calling me all sorts of racial slurs. I'm brown, so terrorist and slurs along those lines. I took these slurs without a word.

Then my boss came to address the issue. Ms. Hippo explained the situation but leaves out the slurs. However, a customer in line behind Hippo told my boss the names she had called me. Then my boss looked at her, dead cold, and said, 'You're no longer welcome in our store,' with such authority that death himself would quake in his boots. She disgracefully left and everyone claps as she leaves her head hanging down. My boss told me I can leave early and I left work with a huge smile."

Her Rude, Entitled Persona Didn't Win Her Any Friends That Day


Her Rude, Entitled Persona Didn't Win Her Any Friends That Day

"I had just started my job at Safeway a couple weeks before as a courtesy clerk. They really stress customer service at Safeway, especially the store I worked at. One of the most important things was to always make eye contact with customers when you're walking through the aisles and ask if they need help with anything. So, naturally, being a new employee, I was doing everything by the books. I saw a woman who looked like she needed something and I went ask her if she needed help. Unfortunately, the service training didn't include how to visibly identify middle-aged sourpusses or how to avoid them.

This woman asked where some 'fruit flavoring pouches' were. 'I'm going to make sure I don't lose you because the last person who tried to help me just disappeared!' I tried to get an idea of what she was trying to describe and she just got more and more frustrated when I lead her to the wrong items. 'No! No! No! That's not what I'm talking about!' I was remaining calm and patient, still trying to figure out what she wants until she dropped this, 'Listen, I'm going to tell you a little thing about customer service!' This hussy had already wasted 10 minutes of my time. but I was still persistent in trying to find what she wanted despite her insulting my commitment to help.

I told her I was going to ask another employee where the item was. I walked over to one of my co-workers and explained how I had this mean witch on my hands who needed some fruit flavored crap. He showed me where it was (I can't even remember what it was called) and I ran back to find her and lead her to the item. She first asked, 'Did you find it yourself or did you have to have somebody help you?' in the snobbiest voice possible. I told her I got help, but I was sure I'd found what she needed.

She was happy at first to see that I'd found the right thing but apparently we didn't carry the flavor she wanted. 'Oh darn, you don't have the chocolate one. Well, thanks for nothing.' Then she walked away. Thanks for wasting 20 minutes of my life."

Just When They Thought It Couldn't Get Worse, Hubby Showed Up

Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Just When They Thought It Couldn't Get Worse, Hubby Showed Up

"I work at a popular shop in a public market. Often, on the weekends, it's perpetually busy the entire day, with especially large rushes of people around the lunch hour. One day, I was working in the back and my coworker, a high school junior, was trying her best to quickly serve a rush of about 10 to 15 people.

At this point, unbeknownst to my coworker, a kid, who must've been about 8 or 9 years old, was standing up against the counter behind the register, which is a blind spot considering his height. He was presumably waiting to be served, but he'd completely ignored the line. So as my coworker was serving the last two groups of people, a woman shoved her way in front of everyone and just started flipping out and hurling all sorts of abuse at this poor girl who was just trying frantically to get the line down.

The woman started yelling about how we'd purposely ignored her son and that the cashier, should feel ashamed. On the verge of tears, my coworker, now noticing the boy, calmly explained that he was standing in the blind spot and he wasn't in line. The woman continued with her irate ranting. Just as I was about to step out front to give her a piece of my mind, she stormed off. The two groups of people left reassured my coworker that she was entirely in the right and some people are just the worst. I made sure she was alright and returned to the back.

Not two minutes later, the woman was back with her husband, who was two times as loud and vulgar. He was threatening to have the girl fired. I'd had enough of this at this point. I went out front, and calmly told the guy, 'Look, your son ignored the line and was out of sight. It is not our responsibility to make sure you can see the obvious line that's formed this way. Now kindly stand in line if you want to be served or please leave.'

Now, of course, this just made him more enraged, but I calmly stood by my phrase of, 'Then please leave, sir,' as a rebuttal and eventually he stormed off.

Some people."

Her Birthday Fell Apart After She Got Physical With The Bartender

Juan Nel/Shutterstock

Her Birthday Fell Apart After She Got Physical With The Bartender

"I was just about to start work at a nightclub, so it must have been around midnight. I was standing at the side of the bar, talking things over with a girl Becca, who was out of sight in the office. Becca was about to open the upstairs bar for me when this girl who'd apparently started the party early, shoved her way up to me and exclaimed, 'Get the manager for me! Now!'

I took a second to assess the situation because this girl looked a little out of place in the club, and she had clearly been drinking heavily and could be in some sort of trouble. I placed my water on the bar and started to ask her if something had happened when she butted in with, 'It's midnight and you haven't opened upstairs yet. You're standing here, chatting up barmaids and ruining my night!'

'Okay...' I thought to myself. Out loud, 'By my watch, it's 11:55 p.m. and I'm heading upstairs now, so if you can bear with me for-'

I was cut off again, 'Don't you know who I am?! My uncle is the owner and you are out of a job, mate!'

I couldn't help but grin at this last statement. 'See her?' I asked the girl, as Becca emerged from the office. 'Her father owns this place, and you two don't look related, now, do you?'

The girl, clearly outraged at this point, decided to take a swing at me. Becca responded by wrenching the girl's arm behind her back, jabbing her keys into the girl's side and running the now squealing girl out the front door and onto the cold, wet pavement.

Turns out the girl was one of Becca's little sister's friends, who was out celebrating her 18th birthday and thought she could get special treatment if she dropped the owner's name every five minutes (they'd already let her in the club for free). This morning, I found out she ended up getting banned from half the clubs in the city center for four weeks. Instant karma!"

Her Attitude Rubbed Him The Wrong Way From The Beginning


Her Attitude Rubbed Him The Wrong Way From The Beginning

"I work behind the customer service counter at a local grocery store. I had a lady come up to me one day, already yelling and cursing, and ask, 'Do you have any more of the meat on sale in the back?' I calmly told her no, and that I would gladly write her a raincheck. She didn't like this response one bit. 'How can you advertise something if you don't have it on the shelf?!'

I responded with, 'Other people shop here, you know.'

She then said, 'I know that; I'm not freaking stupid.'

I replied, 'Obviously you are.' She then turned away and left. Mind you, my manager was behind the counter with me this entire time, all he could do was burst out laughing, and compliment me on how I handled it."

That Table Thought They Could Scam Their Way To Free Food Through Rudeness


That Table Thought They Could Scam Their Way To Free Food Through Rudeness

"While I was bartending once, I picked up a table so a server could go home early. The guests at the table were super rude to me. They wouldn't call me by my name, they just kept calling me different racial slurs against white people (even though I'm Mexican).

I smiled and gave them great service, but it was clear they were trying to get something free. When they asked for my manager, I couldn't hear what they were telling him, but the couple seated at the end of the bar near their table spoke up and told my manager they were lying. We ended up calling the police when they refused to pay their tab, which was over $100. They ended up paying it, then my manager comped $10 off so I could get a tip. I tried to buy the nice couple at the bar a round of drinks, but my manager comped that too."

He Felt About "Two Feet Tall" After That Business Man Went After Him


He Felt About "Two Feet Tall" After That Business Man Went After Him

"I worked at a cafe about two years ago. We had an espresso ready to go, but no one knew who it belonged to. I decided to roam around the cafe with said espresso and ask any waiting customers if they had ordered this coffee. So after a few polite replies of, 'No, sorry,' I got to one business man sitting with the owner of the fruit shop across the way. This owner had a bad reputation at my cafe as being a 'sleaze bag' according to the girls.

Anyway, I asked the businessman, 'Excuse me, sorry to interrupt mate, but did you order an espresso?'

The businessman looked at me and said, 'No.' So I began to walk away and as I did, he said, 'Oi! It's pronounced sir.'

I turned around and said, 'Pardon me?' I was not understanding what the heck he was on about.

He then stared at me, unblinking, and said, 'When you,' he pointed at me, 'talk to me, you call me sir. Got it?'

After a few seconds of bewilderment on my part, I muttered, 'Ok then...' and proceed to continue finding the espressos owner. It was incredibly embarrassing, being called out in a busy cafe while trying to do my job made me feel two feet tall. The joke is on him, as I made sure his coffee was bitter, just like his heart."

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