When you've just finished a long night of partying hard, there's nothing that hits the spot better than some awesomely delicious food from the greasiest diner possible, and Waffle House has always provided that service to many a wasted individual. That's certainly what drew Alex Bowen to the infamous 24-hour breakfast establishment, but things didn't go exactly as planned. Though he faced a great obstacle to the perfect ending to a night out, Alex still salvaged it once and for all in the most kick-butt way imaginable.

When Alex wandered into the West Columbia, South Carolina Waffle House at 3 a.m., he thought he'd be in for the usual lackluster, late-night service. Instead, he found the joint practically abandoned as there were no other customers. In fact, Alex had a hard time locating the staff. When he finally spotted one, he found the man asleep.

A sleeping chef isn't exactly helpful when you need a meal cooked, so Alex knew he'd have to do something if he wanted to eat, and he was really hankering for a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt. Now, some people might have just gone elsewhere, others might have woken up the worker, but Alex isn't like everyone else. He was more the type to take matters into his own hands.

He hopped behind the counter, turned on the grill, and made that Texas bacon cheesesteak melt for himself, making sure to document his every move with selfies. After he finished his late-night meal, Alex, proving himself to be a very considerate guy, cleaned off the grill. Though he left without paying, he returned later the next day to pay his bill. Speaking with ABC News afterward, Alex said he hoped the next time he went back to that Waffle House, there would be someone awake enough to serve him. If not, he said, "I'd know what to do."

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