There's an art to plating food, but it turns out that boho store Anthropologie might not be well-versed in the practice.

A well-plated meal is supposed to make the food look more appetizing. After all, it's important to also feed the eye. But as Racked editor Alanna Okun pointed out in a hilarious thread, Anthropologie's kitchen and dining collection feature a series of bizarrely plated and minuscule meals.

"'Mummy, what are plates for?' 'They're for putting next to but not too close to food, dear,'" Okun joked in one tweet.

Yes, Twitter is aware the photos are just ads and are supposed to highlight the plates and bowls and serveware, but still -- they can't seem to wrap their heads around the simplicity. And Twitter is wondering: is this just the haphazard way the bohemian hipsters eat their tiny meals -- by placing five hard-boiled eggs methodically around, not inside, a bowl?

Do they only eat five raspberries in a tipped-over bowl for breakfast? And one artichoke with four zoodles for dinner? What about the one-fourth of a cheese plate for a snack? These are just some of the burning questions they want to be answered.

Twitter user @sophieorbaum replied to Okun, "Argh. It's giving me ocd and a migraine. Why are the eggs just outside the weird dish?" She later followed up with another Tweet: "WHO eats macaroons from a cup."

@megansarahj tweeted, "lololol who took that TINY bite out of a tiny pancake!"

Something tells us you won't be getting your 2,000 calories per day with these portions.

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