Copenhagen police are investigating after the world's most expensive bottle of vodka was stolen from a bar.

The bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka is reportedly worth $1.3 million. But its astoundingly high price has little to do with the alcohol itself -- the cost is crazy because of what the drink is stored in. The bottle is made from 13 pounds of a gold and silver mixture, with a bottle cap decorated with diamonds.

The bottle is so extravagant, a replica was featured on an episode of House of Cards in a scene where Frank Underwood hosted a dinner for Russians at the White House in season 3.

The bar it was lifted from, Cafe 33, released an image of the theft that was captured on security camera. Cafe 33 is offering a reward for anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest and recovery of the vodka.

Copenhagen police investigator Knud Hvass told the AP it is unclear if the assailant had broken into the bar or had used a key to get in. The bottle of Russo-Baltique was the only item stolen from the bar, which housed over 1,200 brands of vodka, according to Business Insider. The bottle was uninsured and the bar had it on loan.

People took to Twitter in disbelief that a bottle of vodka could possibly cost that much. Twitter user @miklb posted, "there is no such thing as a vodka worth more than $20 a bottle. It is vodka."

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