If you have a kick-butt pasta sauce recipe, one woman wants to pay you $500 to teach it to her.

Since her grandmother (her "nonna") died, Alexandra Tully of Sydney, Australia, has found herself missing the pasta her grandmother used to make for her. This nostalgia prompted her to post an ad looking for someone to teach her their secret family pasta sauce recipe.

"My nonna passed away a couple of years ago, and one of the many things I miss about her is the delicious, heart-warming pasta she used to make me," Tully wrote in the ad. "There's something about home cooked, authentic Italian pasta sauces. I can't articulate the sensation I had with nonna's pasta sauces, but there's a warmth and coziness to it that I can't recreate myself, nor has been fully achieved at the epic pasta restaurants I've visited around inner Sydney. So, I'm on the search for the best of the best and am offering $500 for your most secret of recipes."

To receive payment, one would have to go to Tully's home in Alexandria and spend an afternoon teaching her to cook the recipe so she can share it with her own family.

Since posting the ad a week ago, Tully has received over 200 replies. People have even offered to come to her house and teach her their family recipes for free because they were so touched with her story.

"I was expecting four or five replies because it seems like such a niche thing to ask people," she told The Daily Mail. "And I didn't think so many would relate to my story."

Tully's nonna was from the region Lu in Italy. "I would always go to Nonna's place after school and the smell of the sauce as I walked through the door is something I want to recreate for my family," she told The Daily Mail.

Think your sauce has what it takes? You better book a trip to Sydney before the ad expires later this week.

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