Every Cheesecake Factory enthusiast knows that its brown bread is the greatest. Honestly, it's hard to exercise enough self control to not fill up on nine baskets of the pre-meal bread. And now, you won't have to go to the restaurant to stuff your face full of this delicious bread.

The Cheesecake Factory gods have smiled down upon us mortals and the chain is bringing its bread to stores. The bread will be available in three different varieties -- an eight-pack of heat-and-serve dinner rolls, and a two-pack with mini baguettes and pre-sliced sandwich loaves, according to a report by TODAY. Suggested retail price is $3.49 for the baguettes and rolls and $4.49 for the sandwich bread.

According to taste tests conducted by TODAY and Food and Wine, the store-bought bread tastes just like the bread served in the restaurants.

Cheesecake Factory fans are thrilled, and many people took to Twitter to celebrate.

Twitter user @JohnLegere tweeted, "Well, there goes my New Year's resolution..."

@xsillyxcicix tweeted, "Y'all, Cheesecake Factory bread is headed to stores... which means the pounds are headed to my thighs."

@marahornstein tweeted, "When I die bury me in a huge loaf of brown bread from the Cheesecake Factory."

"Today was a big day. Britney is going back on tour and Cheesecake Factory is selling their brown bread in grocery stores. Trying to take this all in," posted @HillaryC824.

The bread is already in stores, and we're all about to gain dozens of pounds.

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