A Turkish butcher became an internet sensation last year with his over-the-top salt sprinkling, but now that video might come back to haunt him.

Nusret Gökçe, better known on the interwebs at "Salt Bae," is facing criticism for the very video that made him go viral. In the video, he slices the meat off a bone before sprinkling on the salt. He does all of this without wearing gloves, touching the meat with his bare hands, which violates New York City's health code.

Ottoman steak ????

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Gökçe is the owner of Nusr-Et, a steakhouse with locations in Dubai, Turkey and Miami. He received international attention when the video of his salt-sprinkling talent received over 16 million views. He became a meme in early 2017, serving as an icon to encapsulate the ~extra~ personality.

A New York location of Nusr-Et just opened last fall, and to avoid angering the Department of Health Gökçe has traded his gold watch in for a pair of little black gloves.

In a tweet, Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W PR, made sure everyone knew Gökçe is playing by the rules.

Article 81 of New York City's health code states that bare hand contact with food that is "ready to eat" is prohibited. The article also bans jewelry, with the exception of wedding bands. So now when Salt Bae does his theatrics, he'll be wearing a new uniform -- T-shirt, dope shades, bare wrists and gloved hands.

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