Do you want all you can eat McNuggets and Big Macs for life? For a select few, that is a reality -- if you know the right people. McDonald's has an exclusive, elusive gold card that allows holders to eat as many McChickens as they can handle for free.

Rob Lowe once showed his gold card off on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but said the reason he had it wasn't because of his status as a movie star -- apparently, he is friends with the son of the man who invented the Egg McMuffin, according to The Independent.


Lowe isn't the only one to carry a McDonald's gold card in his wallet. In 2013, philanthropist Larry Crandell was also given a card to use. In 2007, Warren Buffett revealed to CNBC that both he and Bill Gates are gold card holders.

"There's just a few of them," he told the outlet. "Bill Gates has one... I think President Clinton wanted one very badly, but I don't think he has one. I think he has to go to McDonald's with me."

The McDonald's gold card is a sweet deal, but does come with limitations. Lowe's gold card is only available for McDonald's locations in Santa Barbara. Buffett's card is only good in Omaha, but he told CNBC he believes Bill Gates can use his worldwide.

How can the public get their hands on this exclusive membership? Well, other than having a personal connection or friendship with a franchisee, you can't.

So unless you have a stroke of luck, heroism or just rub elbows with the McDonald's higher-ups, a gold card is just a dream for most of us.

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