They brought us the McRib. They brought us the McLobster. Lord knows everyone went bananas over bringing back the Szechuan sauce. But people are missing this one very important item on the menu...

Does anyone here remember Hi-C Orange Lavaburst? No reason you should, it was just one of the best things off of the McDonald's menu. But, the golden arches giveth and the golden arches taketh away.

Back in 2017, McDonald's stated that they were going to get rid of the famous drink and Business Insider covered the whole fiasco. They reported that McDonald's was aiming to replace it with a new soda called Sprite TropicBerry. They also reported that through May and June of 2017, McDonald's locations were asked to phase out the drink in order to make room for the new imposter soda.

In an apparent McDonald's memo that was uploaded to Imgur, employees were told that Hi-C was getting nixed from the menu and they were coached on how to respond to people when inevitable questions arose about the decision. The choice to ax the drink seemingly came from their new deal with Coke, a partnership that was stated in the memo, and due to the introduction of Sprite Tropicberry, something needed to get the cut. So, you know, why not choose the most popular drink there?

As you can imagine (or remember), once news of the switch started making headlines, people everywhere were pretty ticked off. Many took to Twitter to voice their concerns or, much like McDonald's was preparing for, bombarded the company with questions. Time to crack out the ol' crew script.

It's been months and people are still upset with this decision. Rightly so, I might add. Since the re-introduction of Szechuan sauce, people have been using that as a catalyst to ask for their beloved Hi-C on social media.

There hasn't been any official word on whether or not they're going to be bringing it back, but we probably shouldn't get our hopes up.

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