With Mother's Day coming up soon it's time to start thinking about what to get the most important women in your life. Writing your mothers a kind-hearted, sincere message will mean more to them than anything, but there's no reason why you should stop there. Making your mother a homemade Mother's Day card is something that she'll appreciate for years to come and it'll let her know that you took some extra care into her present this year. If you're someone who hasn't touched construction paper since grade school, there's no need to worry. These ten easy homemade ideas will make your crafts a breeze!

Cards From Adults

two women working on crafts

If you're looking for a homemade Mother's Day card that can show off your creativity and also maintain its sophistication, these are the ones for you!

1. Bouquet Of Flowers

Sure, getting your mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a nice idea on the surface, but flowers tend to wither away and in a week or two your $50.00 is sitting in the garbage with the coffee grinds. Instead, opt for making your mother a card of paper flowers that she'll be able to put away for safekeeping and enjoy for years to come. You don't need very many tools for this card and you can show off your creativity by decorating the flowers any way you like. All you need to do is draw the flower's stems on a sheet of folded paper, cut out some hearts, and glue them down on their respective stems.

2. Yarn Hearts

This adorable card is a painless way for you to make something super creative without needing hundreds of tools. All you need for this card is a large threading needle, some yarn, card stock, and your essentials like scissors, a pencil, and an eraser. What you'll do for this one is poke holes in the shape of a heart and thread colorful yarn in different directions until every hole has yarn poking through it. The end result is a beautiful, simplistic card you can fill with a special message for mom.

3. Photo Book Card

It's no surprise to anyone that our mothers have every photo that they've ever taken of us ever. Shoeboxes of photos have taken up the top row of their closets for years and there's an obvious reason for that: the memories! Why not bring your mother down Memory Lane by creating a heartfelt photo album card for her this year. You'll need some of your favorite pics, fabric, ribbon, thread, some double-sided tape, and a few other tools for this one. The idea for this one is to add the fabric to the cover of your card for a photo album look and add photos to a bristol board strip folded into an accordion. Once your mom opens the card, she'll be able to sift through the photos you selected and you can enjoy the memories together!

a woman sewing a piece of fabric

4. Multiple Fabrics And Papers

These card ideas are terrific if you're looking to put any scrap paper to use. They don't take very long to make and you can use a multitude of different materials and papers to get the effect that you want. You can use buttons, twine, doilies, or paper cut into different patterns to make your card look professionally made while also possessing that homemade touch. By the time you're done, these cards will look like those fancy ones you find in bookstores but it'll only set you back a fraction of the cost.

5. Pop-Up Flowers

Who remembers pop-up cards? The last time you saw one of those might have been during Valentine's Day in grade school, but we're here to tell you that it's about time w brought them back. You need only a couple of materials for this homemade Mother's Day card such as scissors, construction paper, and glue. You can take it one step further with this card as you add different layers to your flowers and sprinkle in some petals. You can also leave yourself enough room to incorporate a message for the important women in your life.

Cards From Children

If you have little ones running around at home, there's no reason why you shouldn't sit down with them and craft homemade Mother's Day cards from them. You can have them make a card for the women in their life or help them make a card for you!

1. Painted Hand Bouquets

All you need to do for this one is to paint the flower stems on a sheet of paper, paint a ribbon over the stems, and use your handprints for the flowers. (You can also add a little more to it by poking holes through the card and adding real ribbon to the bouquet.) Have your kids make a hand bouquet for your mom with different colors, or join in on the fun and make different size flowers with your respective handprints. It might seem a little cheesy, but your mom will definitely find the beauty and effort in it!

2. Fireflies In A Jar

You'll need to help your munchkins with this one, but it's a cute card idea that will look adorable when it's all done. You don't need very many things with this one and you'll really only need a printer, paper, a black marker, ribbon, and yellow paint. Print off a cutout of a mason jar and add in the fireflies by having your kids dip their fingers in the yellow paint and dotting the jar. After the paint dries all you need to do is draw in the fireflies and put a little message for your mom at the bottom. The creator of this card chose "Mom, you light up my life!"

3. Noodle Card

Your mother probably still has your macaroni art and now you can continue the tradition by having your own children make noodle art. The only supplies required for this pocket full of sunshine is yellow paint, white paper, a black marker, glue, and a paintbrush. You'll start by having your kids paint the noodles with yellow paint and then they'll draw a yellow circle on the white sheet of paper to be the face of the sun. Once the noodles and circle are dry, glue the noodles around the face and write a message to your mom in the face of the sun. The creator, CraftyMorning, chose "Mom, you are my sunshine!" They recommend that you have the kids write out the message for an added homemade feel.

a little kid painting

4. Flower Pot Card

This card might take a few more tools but it's nothing that you'll need to travel far and wide to find. You really just need some construction paper, glue, scissors, yarn, a marker, and a picture of your child (or children). You'll have to help the little ones with this one but they'll do the majority of the work such as writing the messages on the flowers and even making the flowers. The card calls for you to make a series of flowers attached to one piece of yarn that your recipient can then pull out of the card. The effect will be a series of messages that can be read in succession!

5. Cutout Of The Word "Mom"

Have your children cut out the word "mom" written in block letters for this card. They can then decorate it any way they like! They can draw on the letters or draw their own designs on the letters. You can also let them paint them or add some glitter. The creativity lies with your children and that's what makes this one so much fun but also one of the simplest.

These are just a few ideas that you can try out at home. Your mother will love you no matter what you make for her, but these homemade Mother's Day card ideas are just some things to help you get your creativity off the ground.

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