Gifting your partner something thoughtful can be difficult due to a number of factors. Each partner enjoys different things and certain anniversaries call for more lavish gifts. But regardless of how long you've been together, you'll want to make sure that you get something special for your significant other. Anniversary gifts by year will change depending on the milestone you're celebrating and you have the option of going for something traditional or taking a more modern approach. The following list is here to help you choose the best anniversary present no matter which route you'd like to take.

One-Year Anniversary

pink wall clock hanging

A first year anniversary is something special and these gifts are meant to symbolize that. Paper obviously symbolizes a blank canvas where you can write your story, which is what makes it such a perfect gift for those celebrating the first year of marriage. On the more modern side, clocks have become the choice of gift-givers due to them symbolizing the timelessness of relationships.

Traditional - Paper

I know that sounds vague, but the possibilities with this option are plentiful. Depending on the interests of your partner, you can purchase a slew of items including new books to read, notebooks or journals to capture their thoughts, or hand-written love notes hiding for them in their briefcase or on the bathroom mirror. A few other things to try are:

  • Calendars
  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • Artwork
  • Photos of the two of you
  • Handmade cards

Modern - Clocks

Gifting your partner a clock is as thoughtful as it is practical and you have the option to branch out with your choices. You can purchase something small and handy like an egg timer or an alarm clock or grab a bigger clock for the wall. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Antique clock
  • Pocket watch
  • Desk clocks
  • Wristwatches
  • Bottle timer

Two-Year Anniversary

a white sofa, throw pillow, and blanket

A two-year anniversary opens the door for easier purchases. The woven fabric of cotton is meant to symbolize the weaving of you and your partner in a relationship and how you're intertwined with one another. For a more modern feel, the beauty and elegance of china represent those traits in your growing relationship.

Traditional - Cotton

To purchase something cotton for your significant other can mean a whole collection of things. If they're someone who would appreciate a nice article of clothing or a new fluffy bathrobe, it's a safe bet to grab it for them. Some people are more simple and would also benefit from receiving something smaller like a new pair of socks or a funky pair of boxer shorts. Though, there are other things that you can look into that hold a tad more thought and personalization behind them:

  • Personalized throw pillow
  • Quilt
  • Tote or travel bags
  • Monogrammed hand towels
  • Tableware such as napkins or tablecloths

Modern - China

A modernized take on this relationship milestone is to buy something made of china. The delicate but beautiful material will add something to the home while also reminding the recipient how much care you put into your purchase. It doesn't need to be anything huge either. A china gravy boat or dish is an ornate addition to your cookware or you can look into getting a china figurine. A couple of other choices would be:

  • A china vase
  • Mugs made from china (which you can also engrave for extra oomph)
  • China bowls or plates
  • A china sculpture
  • A china picture frame

Three-Year Anniversary

a leather wallet with a card sticking out of it

The third-year anniversary welcomes in the fancier items like leather and crystal. Leather's strength and resilience against the elements symbolize how you and your partner will withstand any obstacles that may get in your way. Crystal, though delicate, is meant to remind you and your significant other to not take each other for granted and to take proper care of one another.

Traditional - Leather

Gifting your partner something from leather is a classy way to spruce up their wardrobe. You could purchase something smaller like a new wallet or a pair of gloves, or go for something larger like a new pair of leather shoes or boots. Though there are plenty of apparel options for leather you can also broaden your horizons and grab them something outside of the box:

  • Leather-bound journal
  • A leather coat
  • Leather briefcase
  • Leather belt
  • A leather passport holder

Modern - Crystal

Over the years crystal has become a popular wedding present for couples, which makes it simple to find something your partner will simply adore. You could look into purchasing something like personalized glasses or a crystal vase for the home. You could also purchase an assortment of other things such as:

  • Crystal jewelry
  • Crystal figurines
  • Crystal decanters
  • Crystal lamps
  • Crystal dinnerware

Four-Year Anniversary

a bouquet of tulips

After four years of marriage, you'll want to celebrate that time together with something that honors how you two are blossoming and how the relationship is ripening. What better way to represent these relationship trademarks than with a bouquet of flowers? A more modern approach, like appliances, helps you two find something practical for the home and settle in your nest together.

Traditional - Fruit/Flowers

You can obviously opt for the more traditional route like a bouquet of flowers, but you can also think to get her something a little different like a fruit bouquet. Fruit also represents the ripening of your relationship and gifting someone a fruit bouquet or a fruit basket isn't out of the question. You can also look into getting:

  • Gardening tools
  • Fruit-scented candles or body lotions
  • Apple products
  • Nice bottles of wine
  • Plants for the home or office

Modern - Appliances

Appliances are easy to grab because they're things that you and your partner can both use, thereby making them practical but also something you can weigh in on before spending money. If you need a new coffee maker or toaster-oven then you can invest in one of those, but you can also get a bunch of other cool additions to the kitchen or even electronics to the home:

  • Splurge on a new television
  • Shower radio
  • Blender
  • Mini-fridge
  • Espresso machine

Five-Year Anniversary

planks of brown wood

When you and your significant other have been together for five years, it's safe to say that the two of you have established solid roots as your relationship continues to flourish. Giving a gift that represents these traits is only necessary. Enter the gift of wood. Trees have been considered to be strong and wise, much like the two of you in your relationship now. On the other hand, if you want to go with something more modern you can look into silverware for a sensible purchase.

Traditional - Wood

There are lots of presents available under the wood theme such as a personalized cutting board, wood-handled cutlery, or a beautiful wooden frame around a favorite photo of the two of you. A few other present options for you to try would be:

  • A jewelry box
  • Wooden bookends
  • Booking a romantic getaway for you two at a cottage
  • Wine rack

Modern - Silverware

If the two of you are in desperate need of some new silverware or if you both know that it's time to swap out the old for the new, consider getting yourselves a brand new silverware set to solidify your years together and enjoy with one another as your years together continue to grow.

Six-Year Anniversary

a box of chocolate and candy

Now we're getting into the good stuff. Receiving or giving candy has always had a childish charm to it, but after six years it serves an entirely different purpose. Candy reminds the two of you to keep things sweet and relive the glory of your first days together. It serves as a reminder to not lose the passion the beginning of the relationship held. Iron is something else that people tend to lean towards for a six-year anniversary gift due to its durability and strength, two things the two of you will have achieved by now.

Traditional - Candy/Iron

The great thing about having two options that differ so greatly from one another is that it broadens your horizons to look for multiple gifts. You can grab your partner a box of sweets or personalized candies, but you can also look into getting a new set of golf clubs or an iron trinket box. Other things you can purchase are:

  • Dessert cookbooks
  • Decorative iron ornaments
  • Iron bottle opener
  • Iron bookshelf
  • Decadent homemade candies

Modern - Wood

Much like how we discussed the importance of a wood gift, the same symbolism remains for a six-year anniversary present. You can refer above to some great wood gifts to get your partner or look into getting them a wooden chess set, wooden furniture such as rocking chairs or a new desk for the office, or even wooden sculptures.

Seven-Year Anniversary

someone's desk with notepads and newspapers on it

Now that the two of you have reached the seven-year mark, you should get something special to represent the warmth in your relationship as well as something that speaks to the comfortable foundation you two have built with one another. You needn't look any further than a copper-based or woolen present to achieve this. Of course, if you want to grab something a little more modern and on the practical side, you can purchase stationery for the office or a desk at home.

Traditional - Copper/Wool

For copper and wool, there are lots of items to choose from, such as copper dinnerware or a comfortable wool scarf for your special someone. More unorthodox present items include copper frames for photos or artwork or even copper jewelry. Several additional gift ideas would include:

  • Wool sweaters
  • Copper mugs
  • Woolen blankets
  • Knitting tools
  • Copper fondue set

Modern - Stationery

Practicality is important in our everyday lives, and nothing really says that more than functional stationery. Whether you have an at-home office or you need something to take with you to work, you can gift your partner personalized pens, cute notepads, or even an engraved letter opener for something extra fancy. A few other options you have would be to get:

  • Personalized envelopes
  • Engraved pens
  • A nameplate
  • Desk organizers
  • Copper pencil cups

Eight-Year Anniversary

lace linens

Eight years is a great achievement and after so much time together you two certainly have a relationship bound for eternity. Bronze is meant to symbolize the union between the two of you share and is also said to offer good luck to couples. If you're into a more modern gift-exchange, then people have also been known to gift linens and lace on this anniversary date to replace anything in the home that might need to go.

Traditional - Bronze

Bronze may seem like an odd element, but it's actually quite versatile and allows you to give your sweetheart something solid, strong, and beautiful. You can look into getting bronze jewelry, bronze vases, or bronze statues to adorn your home with. Several other ideas include:

  • Bronze door knockers
  • Bronze bookends
  • Bronze keychains
  • Bronze belt buckles
  • Engraved bronze pocket watches

Modern - Linens/Lace

After eight years, it's probably time that some of your linens get replaced with something fresher. Spending so much time together and understanding each other's needs will make it easier for you to pinpoint what needs to replaced and what your partner would love. You could grab new bedsheets or pillowcases or you could try these other gifts instead:

  • Linen tie
  • Lace dress or shirt
  • Lingerie
  • Lace curtains
  • Linen shirts

Nine-Year Anniversary

a man holding leather shoes

After nine years, you're going to want something to symbolize how the two of you have created your own life together and you're one year shy of celebrating a huge milestone together. You'll also want something to signify the strength of your relationship and how it will and has survived the test of time. The two types of presents you're looking for for a nine-year anniversary would be pottery and leather.

Traditional - Pottery

Your time together is a work of art, something the two of you built from nothing and made into something long-lasting and beautiful. In order to represent this properly, people often turn to pottery to get their point across. You can go for traditional presents like vases or dinnerware, but you can also try out a few other things:

  • Coasters
  • Candleholders
  • The two of you taking a pottery class together
  • Customized mugs
  • Eyeglasses holder

Modern - Leather

While we've already covered what to grab leather-wise in the three-year anniversary section, you can also look into getting gifts like enrolling in a leather class together so you can make your own presents, leather knapsacks, or personalized luggage tags.

Ten-Year Anniversary

diamond on a black background

You did it! The ten-year mark is upon you and it's time to get a gift that lets your partner know just how much you've loved them and spending these last ten years building a life with them. Now that the two of you have shared such a significant amount of time together, you've shown to yourselves and others just how destined you are to last and how strong of a couple you are. Tin and aluminum are strong elements that symbolize the strength of your relationship, thereby making it the perfect gift to turn to. On the other hand, if you want something more modern but also want to send a similar message, why not opt for the diamond instead?

Traditional - Tin/Aluminum

Regardless of whether or not you want to get something tin or aluminum, you'll have a plethora of great choices available to you, like new cookware for your significant other or a tin case of tea if your partner just happens to love the beverage over coffee. You'll also have lots of other great choices to choose from such as:

  • Grilling tools, like a barbeque briefcase
  • Flasks
  • Personalized paperweights
  • Tin candle holders
  • Tin dinnerware

Modern - Diamond

We've all heard the popular phrases: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and "diamonds are forever," so why not put those to the test with gorgeous pieces of jewelry or a stunning pair of diamond cufflinks? Try to keep it simple with diamonds as more is less with these precious stones.

11-Year Anniversary

a necklace on a book

You and your beloved have lasted 11 years together and one of the only things to symbolize that is a strong material like steel. When you two were celebrating your five-year anniversary, stainless steel cutlery seemed like a practical replacement for any old items still lying around the kitchen. But you can kick it up a notch now with other steel-based presents or fashion jewelry if you want your anniversary present to be a little more modern.

Traditional - Steel

Up the ante by getting your significant other stainless steel cookware or a silver platter for dressier dinners or breakfast in bed. You can get additional items for your kitchen like a stainless steel microwave or spring for an entirely new refrigerator - the new model that your partner has been dying to get. You can also try out:

  • Steel jewelry
  • Stainless steel watch
  • Steel cufflinks
  • Steel barbeque grill
  • Steel bottle openers

Modern - Jewelry

Springing for jewelry doesn't always have to cost you an arm and a leg. For your 11th year together, consider purchasing some simple fashion jewelry for men or women so you can show off a new piece on your anniversary. The choice of what to get lies in your hands and all depends on your partner's personal preferences, which you should be well aware of after 11 years!

12-Year Anniversary

a pearl necklace in a box

12 years together is a milestone to be celebrated with something smooth - something to represent how you've passed a significant amount of obstacles, jumped over every hurdle thus far and survived still holding onto one another. A traditional gift to reflect this would be silk and linens or the modern touch of gifting someone pearls. Each of these smooth materials represents how smoothly everything has been going despite any hardships and how it's smooth sailing for you and yours here on out.

Traditional - Silk/Linen

Though we covered what type of linen to get your partner in the eight-year anniversary gift ideas, you can now shake things up a bit by purchasing something silk as well. Consider grabbing your partner a silk scarf, tie, dress, or any number of the following:

  • Personalized silk robes
  • Silk bed sheets
  • Matching silk pajama sets
  • Silk undergarments, like boxers or lingerie
  • Silk tablecloth

Modern - Pearls

If you're looking to get more into a modern feel for your 12-year anniversary gift, you should look into purchasing some pearls. A beautiful pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings would be a terrific gift for your partner this year. Or, if you're buying something for men, look into getting him a set of pearl cufflinks, a mother of pearl letter opener, or booking a trip for you to go pearl diving together.

13-Year Anniversary

fur coats hanging on a rack

13 has been portrayed as an unlucky number in the media for decades now but there's nothing unlucky about celebrating 13 years together. If you're wondering how to properly capture the moment of this milestone year, a traditional gift has been lace. The reason is that lace is intricate, beautiful, and delicate and these three traits symbolize three standout traits in your relationship with your partner. Other partners tend to flock towards more modern gifts, however, and if that's the case then you should be on the prowl for some faux furs.

Traditional - Lace

We talked about some great lace gifts for your significant other in our eight-year anniversary segment above, but you can also purchase a gorgeous pair of lace gloves to go with an evening dress, lace jewelry, or a homemade card with lace trim.

Modern - Faux furs

A modernized take on a 13-year wedding anniversary gift has been to opt for furs. Since we don't condone purchasing real fur, we instead recommend that you grab some faux fur instead. There are lots of items out there like a great coat or a pair of faux fur-lined gloves that are fashionable without contributing to animal cruelty. You could also purchase:

  • A winter coat with a fur-lined hood
  • A faux fur throw
  • Faux fur throw pillows
  • Faux fur hat
  • Faur fur duvet set

14-Year Anniversary

gold jewelry on a white background

Slight modifications have been made to the 14-year anniversary gift niche since originally ivory was the traditional gift offered. However, once the cruelty and inhumane nature of the ivory trade was exposed, ivory was nixed and replaced with gifts that feature animals, especially elephants. Elephants are beautiful, strong, and loyal animals, which is why they're such a brilliant choice when celebrating a whopping 14 years together. Those who prefer a modern approach enjoy gifting gold due to its value and worth.

Traditional - Animal Items

To swap out ivory you can gift your partner an assortment of items featuring your favorite four-legged creatures. You can take photos with your pet and frame them in your home, have an oil painting made of your pet, or make a donation in your partner's name to an animal or elephant sanctuary. Additionally, you can also grab:

  • Purchasing/rescuing an animal
  • Spending the day volunteering at your local animal shelter
  • Animal brooches
  • Animal figurines or sculptures
  • Booking a trip for you to rescue or volunteer with animals in another country

Modern - Gold

Gold is a valuable metal and, in turn, shows how much you value your partner. There are lots of routes you can take with this one, such as gold jewelry, a gold tie clip, gold watches, or an assortment of home items like:

  • Flask
  • Throw pillows embroidered with gold
  • Coasters
  • Handbags
  • Dinnerware

15-Year Anniversary

a man's zoomed in wrist to show his watch

A 15-year anniversary is something to be cherished and in order honor the relationship you have with one another, you should grab your significant other crystal. Crystal is not only something that's ornate and full of interwoven patterns, but it's also quite fragile and thereby reminds you two to keep each other in good hands and treat one another well. A more modern gift would be that of a watch to symbolize how you've survived the test of time.

Traditional - Crystals

We covered which crystal items to grab in the third-year anniversary section and you can refer back if you're wondering which crystal reminder of love you should get for your cherished someone. You can also reach into your wallet and splurge for additional gifts like a crystal decanter or crystal candlesticks for you to enjoy with dinner.

Modern - Watches

You can breathe a sigh of relief with this modern twist on an anniversary present because all you'll need to do is head over to your local jeweler and get the two of you a matching set of watches or give your partner a beautiful watch that they've been eyeing or one you know they'd love.

20-Year Anniversary

china dinnerware on a table with yellow roses

20 years together is something to be celebrated with loved ones and thoughtful presents that represent your time together. A traditional gift to symbolize the fragility of neglected relationships or poor maintenance of an ongoing relationship is china whereas a modern approach to the milestone would be something everlasting like platinum.

Traditional - China

Two-year anniversaries are also celebrated with china traditionally, and you can scroll back to the section for gift ideas. However, if you grabbed your mate a beautiful set of china for an earlier anniversary you can always update the item with a brand spanking new purchase.

Modern - Platinum

Platinum gifts are terrific because they symbolize the strength of your marriage and welcome a laundry list of great gifts like engraved rings, personalized jewelry or even a platinum-plated rose. Some other wonderful ideas you could try out are:

  • Platinum appliances
  • A flask
  • Platinum-plated whiskey set
  • Platinum dinnerware
  • Picture frame of the two of you

25-Year Anniversary

butter knife and fork on white table

For such an important time in your life, you'll need something of a precious metal to remind your partner, yourself, and those closest to you that you respect your marriage and see it as something that can't be tarnished by time or difficulties. For this milestone anniversary, you should give your spouse something in silver. Not only does silver shine bright and need to be tended to retain its beauty, but it's also one of the most precious metals out there and symbolizes how loved your relationship is.

Traditional and Modern - Silver

For the five-year anniversary mark, we covered some ideas that would be of interest to you and your significant other. Though departing from basic silverware is something your partner is sure to appreciate so you can instead look into getting:

  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver money clip
  • Silver tea set
  • Engraved silver pen
  • Silver cufflinks

30-Year Anniversary

pearls on rocks

When you've been together for 30 years it's hard to imagine getting your spouse or partner something that can accurately portray the value of the relationship. But, there are two main gift ideas that many people turn to for a 30-year anniversary: if you're looking for something more traditional than pearls are your best shot whereas diamonds give gifts more of a modern feel.

Traditional - Pearls

Pearls are also a traditional gift for those celebrating a 12-year anniversary together and you can refer back to that section for some gift ideas. You can't go wrong with pearl necklaces or bracelets. You and yours can also go hunting around the world for your own pearls, which gives you the excuse to take a vacation.

Modern - Diamonds

A modern gift idea is diamonds and is a milestone present for those about to hit their 10-year anniversary. Take a look back at our 10th-year-anniversary section to give yourself some inspiration or stun your partner with a new set of diamond earrings or cufflinks.

35-Year Anniversary

a jade necklace

Sharing 35 years of your life with someone is no simple task, but it's one that should be rewarded and celebrated. Traditional gifts have leaned towards coral, which has said to offer a long and successful life whereas the modern twist of jade is meant to represent luck and wisdom.

Traditional - Coral

When it comes to coral the best thing you can do is look into jewelry for one another or even just your partner. You can purchase earrings, necklaces, bracelets, matching watches, or matching rings to symbolize a long and happy relationship thus far while also maintaining those traits in the future.

Though, if you want to be more adventurous you can travel to a coral reef overseas and take a vacation together.

Modern - Jade

The modern gift of jade allows you to jump into the territory of a jade bracelet or tie clip, but you can also grab your partner:

  • A jade vase
  • Jade earrings
  • Jade dinnerware
  • Jade sculptures
  • Jade pendant

40-Year Anniversary

rubies and diamonds

40 years ago you married your best friend and the two of you have gone through hardships, arguments, difficult days, and most importantly, memories that will last a lifetime. The time you two have shared together is a date deserving to be marked with a gift as stunning and precious as your time together. A timeless gift to celebrate this milestone is the ruby and it's been known to be a traditional and modern take on presents for this occasion.

Traditional and Modern - Rubies

You can't go wrong with rubies in jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or even engraved rings to further solidify your commitment to one another and have the gorgeous, traditional stone present in your gift. You can also look into getting:

  • Personalized letterbox wine
  • Ruby pendants
  • Ruby glassware
  • Ruby goblets
  • Ruby flutes

45-Year Anniversary

sapphire necklace on black background

A whole 45 years together and there's no end to the love that you and your partner share with one another. An anniversary date this big deserves a gift that's even bigger and that's where the beautiful sapphire makes its grand appearance. A traditional and modern gift, the sapphire is the stone of royalty so why not mark your everlasting love with a stone that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also one that's well-respected and a symbol of your monumental milestone? There's a reason it's called the sapphire anniversary!

Traditional and Modern - Sapphires

You can always rely on the traditional sapphire jewelry option, but you can also broaden your horizons a little and go with:

  • Figurines adorned with sapphires
  • Sapphire flask
  • Sapphire porcelain plate
  • Sapphire china
  • Sapphire brooch

50-Year Anniversary

gold watch

If you or someone you know is coming around the bend on their 55-year anniversary, you need to get something special to mark the occasion. The timeless, precious, well-respected metal of gold is easily one of the best gifts you can give to someone. For this milestone anniversary, it's both a traditional and a modern choice.

Traditional and Modern - Gold

Gold has been a more modern choice for present-seekers celebrating their 14-year anniversary as well. An extensive list of gift ideas is to be found there, but you can always gift your spouse gold jewelry like earrings or a watch, gold-plated dinnerware, or a beautiful, antique gold pocket watch.

60-Year Anniversary

diamond ring

There's nothing like gathering your closest friends and family members together to celebrate something as beautiful as 60 years together. What better way to celebrate the huge achievement than to bestow upon your loved one the gift of a precious diamond?

Traditional and Modern - Diamonds

As we covered in the 10-year and 30-year anniversary gift sections, diamonds have been a modern choice for plenty of people over the years. Jewelry and cufflinks are wonderful choices for your significant other. Head on over to those sections to sift through an in-depth list of which items would be best suited for the person you've spent the better part of your life with!

Phew! There you have it. Whatever milestone anniversary you and your sweetheart are celebrating, gift them something they'll cherish for the years you two will spend together.

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