Gummy vitamins seem to be all the craze lately with their tasty flavors and multivitamin solutions that seem to give consumers the best of both worlds. But, as is often the case, something that seems too good to be true often is. Gummy vitamins seemed to be the quick-fix for researchers who poured their time into discovering whether or not the product actually lived up to its promises. As it turns out, you might want to put those gummy vitamins back on the shelf and reach for something a little more productive.

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Are Gummy Vitamins Good For You?

The short answer? No, not really. You're not ingesting as many vitamins and nutrients as you think with your cherry gummies, and researchers have discovered that while a gummy vitamin might not put you in a world of hurt, you're still not reaping as many benefits as you think.

Over-Consumption Risks

New York City-based nutritionist Lisa Drayer, MA RD told Huffington Post that you run the risk of over-consuming these types of supplements given their flavor and candy-like substance. It is possible for you to overdose on vitamins as well, and popping six or seven gummies merely because they taste good or because you figure "What's the harm?" is a good way to ensure sickness.

She also added that gummy vitamins aren't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which makes them even less of a reputable product when you get right down to it. You may be reaching for a gummy vitamin that hasn't been tested on anyone beforehand and therefore run the risk of ingesting unknown ingredients.

Sugar Content

Gummy vitamins might seem harmless on the surface, but they do have some ultimately unhealthy ingredients that you should be aware of. Some gummies you see in stores are quite visibly coated in granulated sugar, while others simply possess a few grams per dose. Depending on which one you reach for, a quick glance at the ingredients may yield results like glucose, corn syrup, and sucrose in your dose. Not to mention, the majority of gummy vitamins contain two or three grams of sugar per serving.

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Missing Supplements

Perhaps the most alarming of research comes from, which revealed that of the brands they tested, 80% failed. Additionally, many couldn't meet the daily vitamin requirements necessary or that they promised; oftentimes gummy vitamins also contained too much of one particular vitamin and not enough of another to balance it out. "Tests by have found that some gummy supplements -- particularly gummy multivitamins -- do not contain their listed amounts of vitamins or minerals, or contain impurities. We continue to find more problems with candy-like vitamins like gummies than with traditional forms, such as tablets and caplets," they reported.


If you're someone who has difficulty downing a multivitamin in tablet form then a gummy vitamin is the way to go. Gummies also do have some vitamins and nutrients present, but the amount you're getting is something to look out for. You'd be better off to look at the label before purchasing any gummy vitamins in order to establish which product is best matching your needs.

The Bottom Line

While ingesting gummy vitamins won't cause you significant amounts of issues, you would still do well to opt for a tablet instead. The vitamins and nutrients that come from multivitamins in tablet form are better for you in the long run than in gummies. You're also not adding any additional sugar to your diet or running the risk of taking more than you need to merely because of the taste.

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