Cleaning up bacon grease can be a difficult task -- it can leave dish rags coated in fat,and if it somehow goes down the drain it can do serious damage to the pipes in your kitchen sink. Why take that risk when you can just reuse bacon grease? We've found many creative uses for this leftover fat to use in both the kitchen and around the house.

How To Collect Your Bacon Grease

bacon strips

Rendering bacon grease means that you are cooking the fat out of the bacon -- to do this, you should cook your bacon over medium-low heat for 10 to 12 minutes, adjusting the temperature as you go so the grease doesn't start popping and the bacon doesn't brown too quickly. When you remove the bacon, you will have liquid fat left in the pan. To collect this leftover grease, pour the fat into a jar or other suitable container and it will harden once it cools. If you're planning to reuse the bacon grease, it be kept for up to two weeks.

Using Bacon Grease In The Kitchen

Bacon grease is a popular cooking ingredient because it adds a subtle, smokey flavor to the dishes you use it in. Bacon grease is a great alternative to butter or other cooking oils. Here are some recommended recipes for incorporating bacon grease.

bacon fat with cut pork belly

Bacon Fat Caramels

Bacon fat caramels might sound like a weird combination at first, but the two make sense together. Bacon grease, cream, sugar and water, along with some other ingredients, make for a smokey caramel that tastes fantastic.

Bacon Fat Chicken Alfredo

chicken alfredo in a frying pan

Simply add bacon fat to your favorite chicken alfredo recipe by sauteing your chicken in the fat.Then use the rest of the cooked bacon to top it off.

Bacon Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you're looking for a cookie with a little more depth of flavor, this cookie recipe will change how you view chocolate chip cookies with its secret ingredient -- bacon. . Don't worry; the flavor is subtle, as you're only using a tablespoon of the fat to make these cookies.

Bacon Mayonnaise

Take your sandwich to the next level by making your own homemade bacon mayonnaise. This recipe is dairy-free, low carb and packed with flavor. This bacon fat mayonnaise can be used for chicken salad, salad dressing or to add a touch more flavor to your summer burgers.

Jalapeño Bacon Cheddar Soup

cheddar soup in a bowl

Using bacon fat to make jalapeño bacon cheddar soup will work wonders on your taste buds. This recipe adds bacon fat to make the soup rich and creamy, and spices such as cumin complement the bacon to intensify the flavor.

Bacon Infused Bourbon

It goes without saying that infusing your bourbon with bacon will be delicious. Begin by purchasing a bottle of bourbon --it doesn't have to be quality bourbon, because the flavor will be altered once you infuse the bacon. To get the best flavor out of your bourbon, you'll want to choose bacon that has a rich and smokey flavor. Making bacon-infused bourbon takes 24 hours, so make sure to allot for time when planning.

Using Bacon Grease Around The House

Not only does bacon grease make an excellent cooking ingredient, but you can also use it around the house.

Make An Insect Trap

fly trap in a tree

By filling the bottom of a container with bacon grease and mixing in a bit of vegetable oil, you'll have yourself a unique insect trap. . After you add the grease to a container, poke some holes in the top so bugs can crawl in when they smell that wonderful bacon. Once they get in, the oil will be too thick for them to get out.

Start A Fire

Pour some bacon grease onto a paper plate, paper towel or a piece of cardboard and take it with you on your next camping trip to easily start up your campfire. Be careful when lighting it, as grease ignites quickly.

Fix A Squeaky Hinge

Put a little bacon grease onto a rag and rub away the annoying squeak on those old door hinges.

Make A Bacon Scented Candle

three lit candles in a home

This candle is a great way to have the house smelling like bacon without having to cook up some strips All you need is some bacon fat, a container and a wick.

Remove A Splinter

Splinters can be a pain, and sometimes tweezers won't do the job. Try rubbing a little bit of bacon grease onto the splinter and cover it with a band-aid overnight. When you take off the band-aid, your skin should be soft enough for the splinter to slip right out.

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