Home decor doesn't have to be an expensive venture, and even just lighting some candles can go a long way to make any space cozy and homey. There are limitless fragrances, colors and styles of candles to choose from, and it can be overwhelming knowing which one to pick for your home. Here are some different types of candles and how to best use them:

Tealight Candles

white tea lights on a table

Tealight candles are the smallest type, so don't expect a very long burn time. Though brands vary, tealights burn for about two to six hours. Even though they're so small, these candles can have a big impact on any space when a few are used together. Tealights create an intimate atmosphere when arranged as a table centerpiece, set up around a bathtub for a relaxing soak or scatter them on a mantle or windowsill to create a cozy light for your den. You can set them out on their own, put the candles in small lanterns or decorative glass containers or set them in water so they float. They are typically sold in a pack so you can use a bunch together and replenish them as they burn out.

Taper Candles

red and blue taper candles

Taper candles are tall, skinny and long-lasting. They can burn for about 10 to 12 hours and are commonly used in an elaborate centerpiece for a table or a decoration on a mantle. They come in a variety of colors, but are commonly white or ivory. To use this type of candle, you need to make sure to have a suitable candle holder because these tapers can't stand up on their own.

Votive Candles

white votive candles in glass holders

Votive candles are popular for their versatility. They are small, at only about two or three inches tall, and burn for around 10 hours. They need to be in a container or on a plate when they are burned. They are a good candle to use in lanterns or other decorative containers and can be used in virtually any way.

Pillar Candles

different colored pillar candles on wooden candle stick
Mark Skalny/Shutterstock

Pillar candles are big cylinders that range in diameter and height, from smaller 3-inch by 4-inch candles to massive ones that you set on the floor to frame a fireplace or accent a wall. These candles burn for different amounts of time depending on the size of the pillar, but they're typically long lasting. These candles don't need a container to use, but are often used in larger lanterns or placed onto candle sticks.

Candle Pots

centerpiece with candle pot and flowers
Daria Minaeva/Shutterstock

Candle pots come in glass jars or containers that hold the candle as it burns, eliminating your need for a candle holder or plate. These candles can have the typical one-wick or multi-wicks, though ones with multiple wicks burn at a faster rate. They can be used in almost any way, for more formal occasions or for casual, everyday use.

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