To the untrained eye, knitting and crocheting may look like the same act, and, in a general sense, they are quite similar -- both techniques use yarn or fiber to make items such as sweaters, blankets, scarves, socks and much more. Each method requires strong hand-eye coordination, an attention to detail and good time management to be able to effectively produce your desired item. However, knitting and crocheting are actually quite different upon further inspection.

What's The Difference?

The differences between knitting and crocheting are important to know, as it will decide which method you use for any given project.

hooks and needles and yarn



Knitting works best with single-pointed needles, as these straight needles come in a variety of options that tailor to your needs. Metal needles are durable and allow you to work faster than normal due to the nice slide they give your stitches. Wood and bamboo needles offer a better grip, meaning you're less likely to lose stitches along the way. Carbon fiber needles offer the best of both worlds, with the durability of metal needles along with the lightness of wood and bamboo needles.

For the beginners, a knitting machine is ideal, as it simplifies the knitting process, takes less time and allows you to knit finer pieces of fabric. It's a good machine to show you the basics of knitting before jumping into the time-consuming and precision oriented practice of hand knitting.


knitting needles with yarn

Knitting uses two stitches -- knitting and purling -- that are mixed and matched together in different ways to create different patterns and designs. They are formed in rows and the stitches are held together by the needles themselves. The loops created while knitting work together and build on each other to create rows upon rows, and one mistake could cause an entire row to unravel.



yarn in a store all different colors

Crocheting forgoes both single-pointed needles and machines when creating fabrics -- instead, you'll be using a single crochet hook. They can made of steel, wood, bamboo or aluminum, and these hooks help guide you through the intricate movements required to properly crochet. Find the right hook to fit your style, as it will serve as the foundation for your entire project.


Crocheting only works with one loop, and the stitches are formed one at a time. Due to the lack of multiple loops and the fact that you can work with multiple stitches when crocheting, many people prefer this method of crafting, as it's much quicker than knitting.

Which Method Should You Use?

crocheting hook with yarn

What method you choose will often depend on what you're working on. Some items that require delicate stitching, such as soft sweaters and shawls, should be knitted. You should also turn to knitting if you want your finished products to have more diverse and intricate patterns. However, if you want thicker stitched pieces of clothing, such as winter hats, scarves and gloves, or if you just want to crank something out quick, crocheting might be your preferred method. Crocheting also allows you to go back and fix errors during the process, which makes it quite appealing to novice crafters.

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