Decorating the walls in your house with paintings and pictures is the best way to bring life to your home. Of course, if you want to hang a brand new stretch canvas painting or a fresh print, you'll need to frame it before it goes up on those walls for showcasing. We've got the guide to help you frame those fabulous works of art:

Measure Your Piece And Buy A Frame

a frame for a painting

The first step to getting that work of art up on your wall is to buy a frame. It's important to get the measurements of your piece to be 100 percent correct, as it must fit perfectly within the frame. Measure the height and width to see if it fits any standard frame sizes. If you have the cash to invest in a custom frame, you can get a frame that fits the piece to its specific measurements.

When choosing the style of frame, it's important to remember that the work of art is the focal point -- you don't want a frame that's going to distract from the piece. Find a frame that complements the piece without drawing eyes away from it. Keep it simple and find colors and patterns that match the art.

Purchase Canvas Clips

a woman hanging up various paintings

These sturdy clips are an important component of framing these unique and bulky pieces, as they keep the canvas and the frame tightly drawn together. There are two main styles of clips -- those that latch around the canvas and frame, and those that require screws to drill the frame and the canvas together. You can find these clips in the photography sections of stores that sell framing products.

Place The Canvas In The Frame

While it's a relatively simple process, it's important to take great care when placing your piece into the frame. The sharp edges of the frame can tear the fabric, and cloth canvases are especially easy to rip and tear. Take it slow and make sure the art is placed in the frame without damaging it.

Attaching The Frame To The Canvas

a couple finding where to hang a painting

Clip-on canvas clips are the simplest to use and take only a few seconds to lock into place. All you have to do is lodge the double-pointed end between the stretcher and the frame, then push down on the clip to latch onto the stretcher bar. Space out the clips around the edges of the frame to make sure the art is well supported and stretched evenly.

Offset clips, which are canvas clips that are screwed down, require you to screw these bent clips into the back of the frame, which puts pressure against the canvas and keeps it in place. Like the clip-on clips, be sure to distribute the clips evenly around the canvas for the strongest support. Once you've placed your clips, your art is ready to hang.

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