Do you long for tidy shelf and drawer space? Do your clothes spill over wrinkly each time you ransack your space for something to wear? Well, folding all of your beloved shirts is quite an easy thing to do with practice. The following methods will not only make your shirt folding experience much easier but will change your life. Long gone are the days of overly full drawers. You now have the tools to organize your shirts for even the tightest spaces. Here are 5 ways to fold a shirt.

1. The Rolling Method

Rolled shirts

Rolling your shirts is one of the fastest and efficient ways of keeping all of them organized, as opposed to stacking. Rolling also encourages more room within your space and keeps your shirts wrinkle-free and eliminates the need to move over some of your other items of clothing in order to find that one shirt that you are looking for.

What To Do

1. Lay shirt flat on a smooth surface.

2. Fold the bottom of the shirt up about 4 inches.

3. Then, fold both sleeves in to make a rectangle.

4. Then fold over one entire side of the shirt to meet in the middle, then fold the other side by overlapping.

5. Roll the shirt, tucking in ends to keep it in place.

6. Lay your newly rolled shirts side by side or vertically, depending on your preferences.

2. The Filing Method

A stack of folded cloth

Folding clothes is a cinch but the traditional method can sometimes make it hard to see all your shirts. There is a new method to help you to see all your shirts in one peek, known as the filing method or the KonMari method. You can essentially apply this method to any of your items of clothing but for shirts, it's a little more complicated.

What To Do

1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface, facing down with the sleeves naturally pointing outward.

2. Fold in the right side, to the middle. Then, fold in the left to the middle until only the sleeves are overlapping.

3. Then grab the hem and bring it up to the collar. Your shirt should be folded like a square.

4. Then grab the hem of that fold, and bend it up towards the collar again. Your shirt should now resemble a rectangle.

5. Once you are done, stand this shirt up, along with other shirts that have been folded in the same manner in a single-file.

3. The Criss-Cross Method

Messily folded shirts

This trick will make folding all of your tops speedier and will help keep them in place. This method is so simple that you'll wish you had tried it earlier.

What To Do

1. Lay your shirt out flat on a smooth surface, with the left side facing towards you.

2. With your right index finger and thumb, pinch a small piece of the right shoulder of the shirt, the area between the sleeve and collar.

3. Then take your left index finger and thumb, and pinch towards the middle right of the shirt, lining it up with the right-handed pinch.

4. While you have these two points in both of your hands, cross your right hand over the left hand, bringing the shoulder down to the hem, then grab the hem. It may look messy and that is ok.

5. Lift the shirt, and without letting go of your pinched areas, uncross your arms, pulling the fold tight.

6. Place the shirt back down onto the table, facing down, and fold the hanging shoulder over to complete the fold.

4. The Half Fold Method

A white t-shirt

The half-fold is an easy variation of a traditional folding method that helps keep your shirts flat and looking nice until they are ready-to-wear.

What To Do

1. Lay your shirt flat, with the hem facing towards you.

2. Fold the hem up towards the collar and smooth the fold out.

3. Take the left arm and fold it in, and then fold in the right arm.

4. Next, fold in the right side in about halfway, not towards the other side. Then fold the left side in, just overlapping, the right side, not all the way.

5. Turn the shirt over and you've completed the half-fold.

5. Pocket-size Method

Sleeve of striped shirt

This pocket-size method works great for travel, makes ample room in a small luggage, and also helps you to locate your clothes more easily due to the simplistic, small nature of the fold.

What To Do

1. Lay the shirt flat, facing down.

2. Fold over the left side to the middle, then fold in the right side, until only the sleeves are overlapping.

3. Then grab the hem and fold it up towards the collar.

4. Grab the folded hem and fold that piece up towards the collar. Your shirt should look like a rectangle.

5. Then fold the shirt in half again. Your shirt should now resemble a very small square.

Folding a shirt is more simple than it looks. No matter where you go, or what type of space you're in, these simple shirt-folding techniques will help you stay organized.

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