Ah, IKEA -- the prime choice when it comes to getting nice and affordable furniture for your new apartment or house. The task of picking out what you want to go in your home can be daunting. Luckily, IKEA has a wonderful website full of useful information. However, the website is large and dense with content, making it easy to miss some of the most helpful parts of it. Read on to learn about the hidden gems of the IKEA website.

Buying Guides

buying guides section of IKEA website

The Buying Guides section of the website might be the most useful part of the website. By selecting the area you're working on and the product you're thinking of buying, you can open a PDF file that goes through the process of planning, buying, building and maintaining the furniture. The buying guides also provide information on the types of materials you can work with, as well as variations and accessories to each and every product, giving you full control of customization so you can shape your home exactly to your tastes. On top of that, there's even information on delivery and assembly services, if you don't feel like gathering or building the supplies yourself. With the vast amount of options on the site, these expansive guides can help you find the information you absolutely need to know without having to wade through a sea of tabs. Keep this area of the site bookmarked for all future purchases!

Assembly Instructions

assembly instructions section of IKEA website

One of the great fears of purchasing furniture is not knowing how to put it together and Heaven forbid you lose the instructions! Well, worry not -- there is an Assembly Instructions part of the IKEA website that links to PDFs that can show you the step-by-step process of assembling furniture, as well as the tools you'll need to do the task.

Assembling Videos

assembly videos section of IKEA

IKEA has gone above and beyond for those who struggle with assembling their products. By clicking on a product, you can find a video that shows the assembling of that specific product, so you can see the actual product in action, rather than reading instructions and trying to piece it together yourself.

IKEA Family

the IKEA Family sign up page

While furniture purchases are few and far between for some people, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of joining the IKEA FAMILY. IKEA FAMILY is a rewards program that sends you product discounts exclusive to its members, special offers, and inspirations for your home. On top of that, FAMILY members can get free coffee and tea at IKEA shops, as well as chances to win gift cards. Sign up for it now!

IDEA Stock Search

Why go all the way to the store and risk them not having the product you want when you could just use the IKEA search function to find out before you leave? By simply putting in the product name or number, and selecting your store, you can find out which stores near you have the items you want. Make use of this so you don't have disappointing trips to your local stores!

IKEA Home Planner

IKEA home planner page

Designing each room in your home can be a daunting task, and you might not want to hire an interior designer and spend that extra money. Cue: the IKEA Home Planner. By creating an IKEA profile and using the kitchen, bathroom or office planners, you can plot out exactly how you want your room to look and what products you want. When it's finished, you simply print out the plan and take it to your local store, where IKEA staff will make that plan of yours a reality.

IKEA Children's Product Registration

IKEA children's product registration page

A specialty for when you buy children's products at IKEA, you can register online to receive any alerts or recalls concerning these products. It's worth taking the time and quickly signing up in case of problems or safety-related issues to these items.

Product Sizes And Details

IKEA product page

While the finished product has its own sizes and dimensions, you have to take into consideration the size, dimensions, and other details of the packages they come in, so you can properly coordinate how to transport the materials from the store to your house, and how to accommodate getting them to where you plan on assembling. By clicking on any product on the IKEA website, you can find the dimensions and sizes of each product, both in their finished form and in their packaged form. Be sure to take advantage of this so you don't order things that won't fit in your car or home.

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