You've probably heard about the cheapest cities in the U.S. to live but what about cities that will pay you to live there? No, you aren't welcomed with a big fat check Publisher Clearing House style. Populations in rural American towns have been declining over the past years. Therefore some towns will offer grants, forgivable loans, and other monetary incentives. By the time you're done reading this list, you'll be ready to pack up and move!

New Haven, Connecticut

new haven conneticut

Connecticut is the place to relocate if you plan or starting a family. Specifically, New Haven offers an interest-free $10,000 assistantship to help cover a down payment on a home. This greatly cuts down the already low cost of buying a home in New Haven with the homes averaging $165,200. Another thing to note is that is 100% forgivable as long as you stay in your home for at least five years. Additionally, New Haven offers movers $30,000 to make energy upgrades to their homes. For those with college-bound children, this city guarantees free tuition at public colleges for students who graduate from a New Haven public school.

Not only does it pay to live here, but there are also a wide array of dining and entertainment options from fresh sushi from Miya Sushi or a juicy burger from Prime 16. New Haven is a place for frugal foodies.

Marquette, Kansas

kansas with sunset

If you are interested in building a home straight from the ground, then Marquette is the best city to do it. Marquette gives out free plots of land to attract new residents. Their free plots are located in the Westridge Addition. These free plots provide beautiful of open fields and the sunset. To qualify for the free land, you must agree to build a home on the land within one year, and you have to commit to living there for a year after the home is completed.

While there may not be many entertainment options in Kansas, there many opportunities to enjoy its scenic views. Kanopolis Lake State Park gives you the chance to participate in water sports and spend much need time in the great outdoors.

Lincoln, Kansas

kansas windmill

Another town in Kansas that pays to live there is Lincoln. Like Marquette, Lincoln is offering free land for prospective residents. If you're interested in watching the buffalo roam from your front porch, then you may want to take advantage of this offer. Similar to the Marquette free land offer, it is mandatory that you agree to build a home that complies with city requirements. If neither Marquette or Lincoln tickles your fancy, you may find Kansas' Rural Opportunity Zones, which offers tax waivers and student loan repayments.

Lincoln, Kansas is loaded with hidden gems like the Lincoln Art Center and Post Rock Scout Museum. For cinephiles and thespians, you'll especially enjoy the Finch Theater.

Marne, Iowa


If you enjoy peace and quiet, then Marne is especially attractive. With a population of 114, Marne is the definition of quaint. To attract more people, this town gives away free land given that the construction is at least 1,200 square feet. While Marne is a little uneventful and small, it is only 45 minutes away from the always lively Omaha. There you can explore the Henry Doorly Zoo and take a stroll along the Missouri River.

Curtis, Nebraska


Curtis allows you to build the home you desire without having to worry about spending money on land. Construct the home of your dreams in the Roll'n Hills subdivision without having to pay for the land. Overall, Curtis is an affordable town with the cost of living index being 84.8; therefore this town is ideal for frugal families.

Harmony, MN


The Harmony Economic Development Authority offers a cash rebate program to encourage home construction. Based on the final estimated market value of the home, rebates range from $5,000 to $12,000. Better yet, there is no restriction on applicants' age, income level, or residency. In addition to this program, Minnesota has an abundance of factors that make this location attractive. Some of them being great colleges, like Augsburg College and energetic downtown Minneapolis.

Baltimore, MD


Although Baltimore isn't a rural town, it offers the same incentives as some of the towns on this list. Baltimore has two incentives for buying a home. One program called Buying Into Baltimore offers a $5,000 5-year-term forgivable loan, forgiven by 20% each year. Another program called Vacants to Value Booster offers $10,000 toward a down payment when you buy one of the program's abandoned or distressed properties--this is a house flipper's dream. Therefore, if you plan on buying a home or flipping a property then Baltimore is the perfect city.

Nicknamed "Charm City", Baltimore is full of charm and more. Its neighborhoods are affordable and an eclectic mix of authenticity and character. Residents can enjoy a variety of entertainment options including major league sporting events, excellent dining, and electric nightclubs. Baltimore offers something for everyone.

Niagra Falls, New York

niagara falls

Need help with repaying your student loans? Just move to Niagara Falls. Not only can you indulge in its scenic views but you can have your student loan debt reduced. This city will pay almost $7,000 over the course of your two-year residency if you agree to live in certain neighborhoods. The only requirement is that you must have had earned a two or four-year degree from an accredited college. Sounds sweet, right? You're basically being paid to live next to one of the seven wonders of the world. Additionally, Niagara Falls is home of the world's best festivals. Who wouldn't take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

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