There are few things more disappointing than coming home after work and discovering that a valuable package was stolen from your own front porch. With one in three Americans reporting stolen packages in their lifetime, mail theft is becoming a major problem around the country. Fortunately, a few ingenious people on the internet have discovered a way to make porches more package friendly.

If you want to deter would-be thieves from stealing your next package, you need to make your porch more concealed. An open porch layout is more likely to attract thieves because they can readily see when you have a package and it's easier to whisk it way.

You do not have to conceal your entire porch to keep packages safe, but covering a corner will go a long way in helping hide valuables -- and it won't break your budget in the process.

Use simple hacks to make sure your packages are safe.

All you need to better protect your mail is a few IKEA tables and some lattice from your local big box store. Depending on the layout of your porch, place the tables in an L shape to block the sides and front of the porch (leaving space for a walkway).

Then attach the lattice to the front of the tables with a few screws. The lattice will provide a secure barrier across the porch while the tables keep the lattice in place. You can then paint the lattice to match your home's exterior.


If you want to take things a step further, attach some outdoor blinds above the lattice to provide even more concealment.

Along with providing a deterrent to thieves, the tables holding the lattice can double as storage bins. You can either store home goods in these cubbies or delivery men can use them to hide packages. You can also use the blinds for shade during sunny days and put them up whenever you get home.

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